Mick Johnson Post-mortem of a protagonist

Head: His dreams are to be the best high school football player. His visions are to play college football and make it to the NFL. The philosophies he keeps inside are that he starts taking steroids and doesn't tell anybody. He gets them from his personal trainer who works at the gym he starts going to and his trainer is the only person that knows about the steroids.
Eyes: The memorable sights that affect him are that he gets way better at football and he gets the starting position on the field.
Ears: He notices and remembers other people asking him if he takes any pills or anything like that. He is affected by what they say because he does take some and he is lying to them about it.
Mouth: He accepts the offer of the steroids knowing that it is the wrong thing to do and he knows the side effects that happen when you take them. The debates that he has are about the side effects and how they will affect his body.
Arms: The character's relationship to work is that before he started taking the steroids he couldn't really lift that much and he wasn't a starter but after he started taking them he got better and stronger and became a starter.
Hands: The conflicts that he deals with are the littlest things that happen to him. How these things happen is because of roid-rage from the steroids.
Heart: The thing that Mick likes is this girl. Her name is Kaylee. They have been friends for a very long time. She likes him and he likes her.
Torso: What Mick doesn't like about himself is that he has roid-rage after he takes the steroids. Mick hides that he takes steroids from everyone and the only person that knows is Peter. The pain that Mick has is when the roid-rage comes and he hurts other people. He fears that he will get kicked off the football team and he won't ever get a football scholarship.
Legs: Mick plays football and lifts weights for fun. His interests are to play football and lift weights.
Feet: He has been at home, school, football practice, the gym, and then he goes home. He has been affected by the traveling because he goes to school, he has football practice at school, and then he travels to Popeyes after football practice to lift weights, and then he goes home.


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