Poetry By Denise cifuentes lopez


I see you On the rainy days, In the tears that are shed, In the black clothes they wear, On the lonely nights, In the shattered hearts, On the gloomy nights, In the way you talk, In the way you look, In the families, Through the thick glass, On the quiet nights, In the hospitals, in the corner waiting to be heard, In last goodbye Sadness I see you


They say measurement is just a number, They say 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, but everyone's a winner, They say on a scale 1 to 10 how do you feel, they put people in categories. They also wonder why people put in categories, and then exclude them. Everyone is measured. From school to everyday life. From the day time to the night time. How much you eat. What you do. Everything is measured. Measurement is just a number

All Grown Up

Bended edges, Reaching hands, Fancy Dresses with classy shoes Big smiles All tired With sleepy faces, Stressing out, Life filled with surprises, Ripped jeans, Baggy shirts, Straight Faces, Dirty white shoes, All grown up


Love Hate They all come the same Loves creates hate Love is love God made Man and Women Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Paraded Burnt Everyone is equal Unless you're gay Your looking to get bullied Everyone is accepted Unless you're lesbian Love Is Hate
Created By
Denise CIfuentes-Lopez


Created with images by silvian1313 - "dandelion fibonacci abstract" • Heliophiliac, sentimental, nostalgic. - "Rain" • cambodia4kidsorg - "What Comes To Mind When You Think About Social Media and Measurement?" • PublicDomainPictures - "rainbow flag gay"

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