Brain Breaks in the High School Classroom

What impact does Movement have on Students?

Movement " turns on" the brain. Activity can activate areas of a child’s brain that allow for better learning

So... It's time to move! What Can I do with my students?

Students stand up and the teacher has them do five different movements in descending order. For example the teacher would say: “Do five jumping jacks, spin around four times, hop on one foot three times, walk all the way around the classroom two times, give your neighbor one high-five

Trading Places

Have students stand behind their pushed-in chairs. Call out a trait, and everyone who has that trait must change places with someone else (students who do not have the trait stay where they are). Examples: “Everyone with curly hair.” “Everyone who ate cereal for breakfast.” “Everyone who is wearing stripes.”

Line up

Have students line up using a specific criteria, such as age (use day and month, not just year), height, alphabetically by middle name, hair length, etc.

6 Spots

Number six spots around your room from 1-6. Have students each go to a spot of their choice. Choose a student to roll a die. All the students at the number rolled must go back to their seats. Students that are left go to a new spot, and the die is rolled again. Continue until only a few students are left.

There are also benefits of more meditative brain breaks

Deep Breaths

Guide students through the process of taking 3 deep inhales, holding, and then exhaling between activities


Set a timer and challenge your students to sit and "do nothing" for 2 minutes. Encourage them to focus their energy on observing the environment around them

Want more ideas of short activities you can use to increase students' focus? Click below!


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