Shitty First Draft By: Tyler kendrick

My process to writing is very chaotic and sporadic. I normally procrastinate. I am not going to lie, I procrastinate because I have other work that I have to do and just because I really hate writing. Writing is not my strong point and I am not going to put something I do not enjoy at the top of my list of things to do. So not only do I procrastinate, but I do not look forward to start writing.

Distractions that are always sitting inches from me.

I feel like meeting word requirements are pointless. I see it as being able to go 1,000 words with being able to convince someone what you believe in, with the possibility of doing it in 400. However, when I start to write and I get in the zone, I am good. I can write decently while under the pressure that I have to get it done before my deadline. When I do not know where to start, I just write a “shitty” beginning as well. The beginning is important the paper, but it is only important when you start to explain what you are going to explain in the entire essay. So I will sometimes just write something to be there and come back at the end and change things around to make it flow more.

Me when I try to start righting.

I normally do not do drafts because I normally do not have time to take multiple days on a paper. However, when it comes to final papers, I do work ahead of time so I can review it and make sure that I am happy with what I am submitting. Most of the time, I get frustrated with not being able to word what I want to say in the right way, without sounding stupid so I give up.

Should use this more often.....

So when I do submit my work, it is not that I am happy with it because I probably am not, I just am too frustrated and exhausted to do anything about it. A huge reliefs comes off my back after I submit any assignment and that makes me feel good. If time was not an issue, I would like to believe that my process would change. I would think, that I would start earlier and revise it more. This would give me more time to find the words I want to use to make my points.

Me when I try to decide if the work is decent enough to where I can go ahead and give up.


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