The Day I Could Fly By: Tucker Jones

It started out just like every other morning. It was 8 a.m and my alarm clock screeched. I slowly rolled over to hit the snooze button.

It was then my life changed forever. I continued my daily routined and proceeded to jump out my lofted bed. But when I jumped, I did not fall to the ground, I floated in the air.

Shocked. Confused. Excited. I could fly! I didn't know what to do. How far could I fly? How high? How far? I raced outside to test out my new superpower. I jumped in the air and off I went. I soared the sky. Flying is everything I thought it would be...except your eyes gets very watery from the wind. My day started off great. I no longer had to walk to class or climb the stairs because I could just fly.

Tucker flying
Tucker flying in a different pose

I flew anywhere and everywhere but one day during my daily flyover, I saw something very concerning. I saw Deshaun Watson walking straight into the road. He was going to get hit by a car!

The truck that almost killed Deshaun

I had to save him. I swooped down, picked up Deshaun Watson and flew him to safety. I saved his life! I saved the school! I saved Clemson. Then Deshaun Watson won us a National Championship and I take partial credit.

Deshaun Watson and I
The Championship that I helped bring to Clemson


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