French Revolution By:Taz'shanei Fintch

In the 1780s,long-standing resentments against the French monarchy fueled anger though out France.The source of the French people's ill will could be found in the unequal structure of French government and society.

I think napoleon is a villain he led his people to death after he took control of France when the king and queen where killed during the French Revolution.Napoleon was eventually defeated in Russia and at the Battle of Waterloo by an alliance of European powers.y

The French Revolution impacted other countries in various ways. In Europe, the revolution led to a series of wars between various countries and the French. It also led to the rise of Napoleon and the empire he won, albeit briefly.

Since you originally put this in the "United States of America" section, though, I will look mostly at the revolution's impact on the US. The French Revolution caused the US a great deal of trouble. First, it helped split the country between pro-British and pro-French factions. Second, it led to many problems in foreign policy. The French and British went to war, and the US was caught in between with both countries preying on US shipping to the other country. This eventually led to near-war with the French and finally to the War of 1812 with the British.

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