Blueberry Mascarpone Cheesecake Glistening pearls of Happy blue

Simple, Elegant

That's what you get when you bring a school of blueberries together. Watch how they sit, tight and close atop a cheesecake — not just any cheesecake, but a mascarpone cheesecake.

Yes, mmm for mascarpone!

You get a silkier roundness, and gone is that hard edge of dense richness — the kind you get in a full-on, all-out cream-cheese cheesecake.

Baked Low, Snail-Slow

That's right, our cake is the kind that's baked, and we honor slow, slow, and slow. We bake ours low and slow in a water bath, dressed in a triple-layer foil suit, and give it an unhurried rest for a smooth, easy unmold.

Definite, clear lines

around the rim

Clean, smooth lines

around the girth

We tamp and pre-bake our crust with care, so it never bleeds into the cheese.

Speaking of crust,

we don't just use crackers — ours is a Spanish Digestive — we add almond flour for greater taste and texture, all blended together with fine Normandy butter.

seven mint "coins" . . .

mold-cut from mint leaves


crust: almond flour, digestive crackers, butter

cheese filling: mascarpone, cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, lemon juice, sugar, vanilla paste


8 to 10 slices


. . . beautifully for three days refrigerated, though the mint "coins" wouldn't be as pretty by the second day: just pick them away, and let the glistening blueberries steal their own show

6 inch・840g


delivery available

11 toh tuck road・596290


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