Cool Hand Lex

Cool Hand Lex is the name hollered by fans at genre-bending midwestern DJ, Alex Edgecombe. With sets combining the technical abilities of a battle DJ and the melodic mixing of a savvy nightclub veteran, CHL has been blending an eclectic smorgasbord of music around the United States for nearly twenty years.

Hype, energetic performances and sonic breadth of scope regularly lands Lex in DJ booths shared with legends of hip hop, house, trap, and all forms of bass music. CHL’s deep crates are matched with an open-format sensibility that has him playing legendary events such as the Indianapolis 500 Snake Pit, Moto GP, and Super Bowl XLVII. Lex is a two time Red Bull Thre3style competitor as well as the official DJ of the Indiana Pacers NBA franchise.

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