Allan McCollum art remix

Allan McCollum is a contemporary artist. he was born in Los Angeles California 1944. he now lives in new york city. he spent over 45 years exploring how objects achieve public and personal meaning in a world constituted in "mass production". the majority of his entire family was fairly active in the arts. he originally wanted to be an actor. shortly after doing some theater work in essex england he changed his mind and moved back to California. he got his motivation when he worked as a truck driver and create builder for an art handling company in west hollywood. he met lots of artist and went to lots of art exhibits. he loved what he saw and realized he wanted to do that. he has a lot of techniques. like he is very good at recreating an object and making it into a sculpture. like with his ten thousand piece he used a bunch of household items and just made them into smaller pieces.

over ten thousand
perfect vehicles
2o plastic surrogates


Created with images by erikorama - "Allan McCollum's Perfect Vehicles" • libbyrosof - "Allan Mccollum" • Oh Paris - "Plaster Surrogates by Allan Mccollum"

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