Global Warming and Climate Change Does it really exhist?

Research Assignment

Objective: While completing this assignment, you will:

--Learn about global warming, evidence for global warming and climate change.

--Consider what might constitute sufficient evidence of global warming

--Learn what impact global warming might have on our lives

--Learn about the Greenhouse Effect

--Consider evidence for the Greenhouse Effect

--Discuss how we might solve the problem of a Global Warming, if it does exist

Activity description: Use on-line resources to learn about global warming to answer the following questions

1) What evidence is there that the Earth is actually warming up?

2) What might be causing global warming?

3) What long term effect might global warming have on the Earth’s inhabitants?

4) What is the "Greenhouse Effect"?

5) Is there evidence of a connection between CO2 emission and global warming?

6) How is the structure of the Earth's ozone related to global warming?

7) What can be done or is being done to combat global warming and climate change?

Complete this assignments on Google Docs and then turn in to our google classroom. (Mr. V's Science)

Some Possible Websites to use:


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