Imperialism by mellissa martins

Imperialism is when a stronger country tries to take over a weaker country. The stronger country doesn't always have to be a bigger country for example England was a small country and took over many big countries such as India they used them for raw materials so that they could make them into finished goods, sell them back so that they could make profit out of it. Some more examples of Imperialism are when Portugal colonized Brazil and saw that it was a big area so they imported slaves and had slaves imported to them. Spain colonized many places, one of them was Argentina, where they killed most of the natives just cause they wanted the land, they did this to many other places. Russia wanted to take Alaska for themselves, they wanted to purchase it for more land, but unfortunately for Russia, America got them instead. America has colonized many places such as Hawaii. They decided to do this mostly because they thought it was pretty and also probably for the land and it was pretty easy because Hawaii was too small so they couldn't fight back.


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