5 tips to look better in photos By: April Kirk

Do you ever have a great photo opportunity to take an artsy selfie, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to look how you want to? With these 5 awesome tips, you can have your next instagram selfie ready to post in seconds...
I am an authority at this topic, because I love to take photos of things or people, and I have learned (and been taught) a few simple tricks, that I want to share for people who are trying to look good in pictures.
Tip 1. Try different lighting... Sometimes while posing for a photo, it is a good idea to have a lamp, or a window near you, to cast different artsy shadows. Pointing a light directly towards your face, might not cast many shadows, and you will probably hurt your eyes when you are doing that. Instead, you can point the light pointing to a diagonal towards your face, and creating a shadow on half of your face. Have fun expirimenting with light bulbs like Thomas Edison, and figuring out with what light you think looks best in your photo.
Tip 2. Expirimenting with different angles... Although head on shots may look good sometimes, you might not want every selfie on your phone to look like the picture on your passport. Try taking a picture from the side of your face! Also, try to take some photos while you are not looking directly at th camera. Try looking off to the side of the screen, or down below. This makes it look like you are not planning the picture, and it is very natural looking.
Tip 3. The super long selfie stick... When it comes to taking a picture from a little bit farther away, a selfie stick works sometimes, but they are not always a good solution. Sometimes the simplest thing works the best! Ask a friend to take a picture of you. They will probably be more than happy to do it for you, and lets face it- another person taking a picture usually works better than standing your phone up, and having 10 seconds to run to your pose in a picture! This tip might sound like a no- brainer, but it really makes a difference!
Tip 4. Quack quack?... Surely everyone can admit to taking a duck face selfie! Even though they are sometimes fun to take, some people seem to almost forget any other faces exist. I personally think that the best face in a selfie is just a smile. Weather you smile with your teeth or not, I think most people find happy people prettier than ducks. You are never fully dressed without a smile! ;)
Tip 5. Snapchat v.s. Instagram... Everyone posts beautiful pictures of themselves on Instagram for everyone to see, but when it comes to snap chatting your best friends, you usually take the craziest photos. Honestly, it is much more fun to be silly on camera, and show your true goofy self, than to spend three hours taking the pirfect picture. Your friends probably really enjoy laughing at that hysterical picture you sent them of yourself, that was just taken at the wrong time! Laughter is the best medicine, so why not create more when you can?
Hopefully, the five minutes of your life that you spent reading this, will be useful to you. There are many different ways that you can take awesome pictures, but these are just some of the easiest few. Just remember to smile, and to be yourself, and you will always look amazing!

By: April Kirk

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