30/30 The Inner Sea

Hm...The Inner Sea is the title of our current photo assignment. The idea is to somehow connect with intuition by spending 30 minutes just being, no camera in hand at all. After that, 30 minutes with camera. It sounds hard to me, the mind and body don't want to be still, and I wonder to myself what could possibly come to me by spending such a long time alone, still, quiet?

I found an hour yesterday to try out this Inner Sea idea. It wasn't pleasant outside, cold and breezy, so I sat in my car by Merrill Park. Wow, boring. it wasn't very inspiring at first. Such a drab day!

However I started to relax after about 5 minutes and just be resigned to the murky look of things. As I sat longer, just me and the murky, I started to be more interested in what I was seeing.

An elderly couple pulled up beside me and met on the passenger side of their car. Their matching silvery hair looked like it had been combed with their pillows. In spite of what I would have expected for people this old, they had their Nike jackets on and some pretty snazzy athletic joggers. I think it was that sweet man zipping up her jacket and then the old and puckered kiss that lit my creativity. Man I wish I had been able to get a photo of that kiss as they leaned their faces in together!

After that I started to notice that the colors of the day seemed soft and quiet, like the soft fall of the old couple's feet as they started off down the gray sidewalk. And I noticed textures too, was it the inspiration of the wrinkled kiss?

Eventually the minutes slipped by in silence as I gazed around peacefully like I had nothing better to do.

After 30 minutes I took my iPhone (because that's all I had with me) and set out to capture the soft colors and textures of a day when winter has grown old and tired and the longing for spring is palpable.

At the end of the 30 minutes with my phone camera, I had discovered that there were even little, more colorful surprises waiting to be captured. Although I had run out of time for this experiment, I think I learned a lesson I'll never forget: I need to give myself permission to spend time getting in touch with the inner sea.


Photos by Sheila Hudson

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