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Here are the projects that I made in Computer Science Class with Miss Brady in 7th Grade.

In the Name Project we needed to create Sprites, or characters, for each letter of our name, and have at least two different animations for the letters. We also needed to have at least one non-letter sprite that made a sound.

Screenshot of My Name Project

In the Dialogue Project we needed to create a conversation between at least 3 different sprites. Each sprite needed to say at least 3 things, and needed to be polite and wait its turn to talk.

Screenshot of My Dialogue Project

In the Alphabet Project we needed to draw different sprites for the different letters of the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet needed to change to a different image (that started with that letter of the alphabet) when clicked, or when the key was pressed. When the program started all the letters needed to be showing.

Screenshot of My Alphabet Project

In the Story Project we needed to create a story with at least five scenes and at least three sprites. The story needed to have dialogue and animation. We got to the next scene by "broadcasting" messages.

Screenshot of My Story Project

We made a variety of projects together as a class. Those projects include: a nutrition game, an age project, and a grade project. In the nutrition project we created a project that used variables and had food falling. In the age project we used conditionals and a variable to display different pictures based on the age the person inputed. In the grade project we used conditional logic to change a percentage grade into an categorical grade (Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic)

Screenshots of My Nutrition, Age, and Grade Projects

In the Roll the Dice Game we needed to use variables, random, and conditionals. We created two variables, one for each of our dice. Each variable was assigned a random value between 1 and 6. That number was used to pick the costume. After the dice were rolled, we displayed the winner

Screenshot of My Roll the Dice Game

In the Rock, Paper, Scissors Game we used constants, variables, random and events. We created a computer player that would play against the user. The user made their choice by typing "r", "p" or "s".

Screenshot of My Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
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Erin Brady


Created with images by Wesley Fryer - "Imagine - Program - Share with SCRATCH Forever!"

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