Video Technology History By brian huynh

Timeline of Video Technology

One of the earliest proposals for a color TV system was filed in 1880.

In 1925, Russian TV pioneer Vladimir Zworykin filed a patent disclosure for an all-electronic color television system.

The first TV remote control, called "Lazy Bones," was developed in 1950 by Zenith Electronics Corporation (then known as Zenith Radio Corporation)

The American Broadcasting Company first aired Saturday morning TV shows for children on August 19, 1950.

Saturday morning TV shows for children started around the 50's.

Marvin Middlemark invented "rabbit ears", the "V" shaped TV antennae in 1953.

A successful color television system began commercial broadcasting, first authorized by the FCC on December 17, 1953 based on a system invented by RCA. Cable television, formerly known as Community Antenna Television or CATV, was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the late 1940's.

The first successful color television system began commercial broadcasting on December 17, 1953 based on a system designed by RCA.

It was in June of 1956, that the TV remote controller first entered the American home.

The very first prototype for a plasma display monitor was invented in 1964 by Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow and Robert Willson.

TV closed captions are captions that are hidden in the television video signal, invisible without a special decoder. It was first demonstrated in 1972 and debuted the following year on the Public Broadcasting service.

Television content for the Worldwide Web was rolled out in 1995.

Advantages of Video Technology -

People get latest news within seconds.

News/TV helps with people daily life.

Video Technology exchange information and it acts as a common platform

Public gets knowledge and awake to raise question, on seeing the news or paper.

Helps bring out the hidden talents in people.

Kids learn new things.

Cartoon makes kids happy.

Games increases kids’s thinking and mind.

Polls that people can take part in.

Disadvantages of Video Technology -

Raises blood pressure and create negetive feeling in the mind.

Causes health problems.

Kids get violence from movies and TV shows.

Kids act like super heroes which causes danger.

People wasting money on shows

Young people wasting money on jewelery, clothing, and makeup.

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