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An Important Notice Regarding Events

We’ve seen an uptick in in-person student organization activities and gatherings over the last few weeks. Please keep in mind that many in-person activities and gatherings are not currently allowed per university directive. This includes, among others, events and meetings (and the like) located off-campus or in houses. It also includes, with a few exceptions (listed on our COVID events webpage), activities with in-person contact, such as donation drives, supply/item pick ups or drop offs/deliveries, and community service.

Please note that no events should be held virtually during pre-finals/finals week (December 2nd-December 11th).

If you see something you believe violates university directives, please submit it and the Dean of Students' office will review it. If it is determined that a student organization is not following these directives, the student organization and involved students can and will be held accountable for violating the UNT Code of Student Conduct, which is applicable both on- and off-campus.

For more info, please visit http://studentactivities.unt.edu/orgs-events.


Have new officers or changes that occurred after your org registered? Be sure to let us know by filling out the Fall 2020 Student Org Update Form so that new officers/advisors have access for Spring 2021 registration!

Spring 2021 Registration will be here soon!

Be sure to prepare by transitioning your officers and collecting information needed to submit your org's profile!

Student organizations must register with Student Activities each long semester (fall and spring) in order to receive the privileges of being registered.

If you are leaving/have new officers joining, we highly recommend that you send them to a Spring 2021 orientation. As a reminder, your attendance in Fall 2020 fulfills your orientation requirement for the Spring 2021 semester, but not your profile submission for the overall registration process.

Spring 2021 registration will open soon. When it is open, your organization will have to submit their registration profile again. A tutorial can be found on our website.


Get Featured!

Has your org already been featured for #FeaturedFriday? If not, share why other's should FALL for your org, today! #FALLingforyourorgfriday

We understand that orgs aren't able to table or promote what they are doing right now so we want to highlight our organizations for #featuredfriday #untstudentorgspotlight

Was your organization or a member recognized at the state, national, or international level? Have y'all won any awards, competitions, or tournaments in the 2019-2020 school year? Please let us know by filling out this form for a #featuredfriday #untstudentorgshoutout!

We would love to hear from you!

Fill out our brief Student Officer Feedback Survey on OrgSync to help us prepare in supporting you for the Spring 2021 semester!

Take Care of YOU!

Orgs...finals...holidays...end of the semester...? Oh my! Be sure to take care of YOU! Here are some Self-Care Action Plan templates to assist in getting through the next few weeks!

Campus News & Opportunities to share with your Orgs

The Career Ambassadors would like to extend an invitation for your organization to participate in a career readiness workshop this semester! We are student leaders on campus who advocate for the Career Center and are well-versed in career services. Our services are designed to assist students with their career preparation throughout their collegiate career and after graduation. We would like to host a workshop at one of your meetings and educate your members on the resources we provide to students.

Our workshops cover topics such as:

  • How To Dress for an Interview
  • Resume and Cover Letter Building
  • Interview Preparation
  • Basic Job Search Techniques
  • Custom Workshops

Our peer-led workshops are convenient and a more comfortable way for students to have their career planning questions answered on the spot. These workshops are customizable and can be arranged to fit the time frame and the needs that best work for your group. All workshops this semester will be held online.

If you are interested in a career education workshop, please fill out the linked Google form (https://forms.gle/rFpWDcuK6F8gr8gd8). Please note that we require 7 business days notice to prepare materials and cannot host any workshops past 8pm. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to respond to this email and I’ll be happy to help! Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you this semester!

Access the free Optimism 101 series for an opportunity to win a $100-$200 Visa gift card! TexasMonthly.com/Optimism101

Virtual Housing Fair

Attention #UNT students! Have you participated in the Virtual Housing Fair yet? Join in the fun before 11/22 and learn about the off-campus housing options and resources available to you! Watch videos and win awesome prizes along the way!

Participate at tinyurl.com/UNThousingfair

In case you missed it, President Smatresk sent out a message yesterday to outline our safety guidelines going forward. And, if you're planning holiday visits with your family and friends, you're encouraged to take advantage of free and expanded on-campus COVID-19 testing administered by the independent service Well Health. The company will be testing every day from today through Dec. 5, except for Nov. 26-27. Hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Register at gogettested.com.

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