Union Dance presents


The Nelson Mandela Centenary program

Hosted at the British Museum

Covent Garden

Bringing Mandela's qualities to life

‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’


At the British Museum, a prestigious seat of learning, UNION DANCE pushes the boundaries of knowledge using artistic development and creativity.

“I was at a party full of VIPs, thrown for the representatives of the ANC. Nelson Mandela was there giving speeches and chatting to people. I was pregnant with my eldest, sitting, listening to the choir in tears, thinking of my South African father. He never saw his country again because of apartheid. Suddenly, Mandela appeared next to me.

There were various ambassadors, princes and princesses. The Attenborough’s were there, I think. And here was I, sat at the back of the room with Mandela. He must have been exhausted from talking and just wanted to relax.

I was in shock. He looked exactly like the iconic pictures you see of him. You don’t really speak to Mandela. You’re in such awe; you just listen. I’ll never forget what he said to me…