stuff happens Chad Kennedy

My name is Reef (Chad Kennedy) when I was a kid I was raised by my grand parents because my mom passed away. Then my grandparents took me and raised me. My grandpa was really mean to me and he drank alot. My grandma was really good to me and my grandma gave me my first stone she said that it would help me feel calm. Every time when my grandpa was away, we would sort out the stones.

When grandma got sick with cancer I was put in foster home. I was moved to many foster homes. I got really mad so when I kept getting moved around I wasn't good at all. So for 8 years I was passed on school to school, house to house. I only had 3 friends named Scar, Bigger and Jinx. One day I was with my friends but something made me really angry. I looked at a stone, but the stone didn't help and I just had to throw that stone over the bridge. When I threw it the stone hit a moving car and that car swerved out and 6 other cars and a truck hit that one car. After that I had to go to court and I was sentenced to 1 year of probation, volunteer at the hospital, had to live at North Hills group home, and do talks at school,.

My temper caused a girl to go to the hospital.The judge assigning me to the north hills group home.They didn't send me to jail because all of the abuse that went to me. So they thought that I can change and it worked I talk in front of kids. And told theme how I ended up talking with theme I told the kids to remember that a person can change.


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