Top 5 podcasts

Podcasts have become a very popular form of entertainment in the past few years. With a million entertainment options all trying to grab your attention, I’ve ranked my top five favorite podcasts to give you an easier “in” to the podcast world. iOS users can download podcasts through the podcast app, Android users through the Google Play store. Creators also post on a multitude of other platforms, from Spotify and Soundcloud to YouTube.

#1: "Spittin' Chiclets"

Call me a boring sports guy, but “Spittin’ Chiclets,” affiliate of Barstool Sports, is the most entertaining podcast I’ve ever listened to. Former professional hockey players Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonette headline the show joined by “Rear Admiral” and producer Mike Grinell. Most episodes feature special guests, who have ranged from NHL star Jack Eichel to ESPN analyst John Buccigross. Overall, the show provides insight into the pro hockey world that professional media outlets are too afraid to air. Tis’ the beauty of grass roots media.

#2: “Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast”

The “Monday Morning Podcast”, much like Spittin’ Chiclets, is a purely entertaining podcast. Creator and comedian/actor Bill Burr takes (usually) an hour out of his morning, twice a week, to ramble about whatever is on his mind. Somehow, he can string together an hour without guests, just based off his raw talent as a comedian. Stick around for his listener emails and ad reads because everything Burr touches is comedic gold.

*Also check out Burr’s King of the Hill-esque cartoon “F is for Family,” on Netflix

#3: "Barstool Radio"

The “Barstool Radio” podcast is the recorded highlights from Barstool Sports’ Radio XM show. Barstool Sports is known for its unorthodox approach at becoming a media powerhouse, and their show reflects that exactly. Whether it be President Dave Portnoy arguing with his dad over the fact that the planet Saturn is not named after the car company, or the crew taking calls from listeners, you never know what you’ll get from “Barstool Radio.”

#4: "The Joe Rogan Experience"

Friend of Bill Burr, Joe Rogan’s podcast is by far the most unique podcast I listen to. Rogan’s curious and adventurous personality brings guests of the most diverse backgrounds. Elon Musk was in the news recently for allegedly smoking marijuana on Rogan’s podcast. One of the first episodes I ever listened to was Rogan with an expert in psychedelic drugs, and after about twenty minutes I had learned more about psychedelics than I frankly would have liked to. Due to this and a few other episodes, I saw Rogan as a conspiracy theorist. But after a few more episodes, I realized it was his intensely diverse guests who drove this idea into my head. If you want to become more “woke” or at least feel like you are, I’d recommend Rogan’s podcast. He will introduce you to plenty of ideas you don’t like to think about or would just never think to care about.

#5: “Fresh Air” by NPR

I frankly am not one for the news. However, I wouldn’t label myself as ignorant as to what is happening in the world either. News is structured to be head-turning because it’s operated by companies, meaning people have to care for them to stay running. Head-turning, more often than not means school shootings, climate change, natural disasters and diseases that will “wipe out entire populations.” I limit myself to a brief podcast of news every few days, created by an organization whose existence does not depend on clicks and ad revenue. I’ve listed Fresh Air, but all of NPR’s podcasts are phenomenal and I recommend every single one.

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