Archeology DIG Blueberry Site January 2017


Identifying Bones

Age Estimation
  • Medial view of the right auricular surface consistent with a lovejoy et al. Stage 4-5
  • 90% of the world is right handed
  • Antemortem conditions: back issues are a common condition within ancestors.
  • Juvenile bones appear to be very similar to animal bones.
  • Sex: baby bones are very hard to distinguish. Once a person goes through puberty it is more easy to designate which sex is which.
  • Men were taller than women by three to four inches.
Pathological Conditions
  • Nonspecific (when designating pathological conditions) basically undetermined.
  • Most common: degenerative joint disease.
Dental Wear
  • Cultural variety.
  • Antemortem tooth loss is also typical, and easily noticeable because of the healing process.
Artificial Cranial Modification
  • Equally divided within both men and women.
  • Starts around the time of birth.
  • Bilateral symmetry: found in the earlier time periods.
  • Antemortem trauma is easily noticeable, looking for patterns of violence.
  • Perimortem trauma: happened right before death (no signs of healing)
Grave Goods
  • Adult burials - fan also remains, un-worked shell, stone and pre-Colombian pottery goods.
  • Juvenile burials - phyllite, serpentinite and quartz beads, phyllite pendant, quartz crystal, un-worked shell, stone and pre-Colombian pottery goods.

The Dig


Artifact Bags

Feature Form


  • Ryan
  • Toniya Dunbar
  • Toni Dunbar
  • Jamal Dunbar
  • Devin Graves
  • Isa Wynn
  • Dr. Bulter
  • Gordon Davis
  • Sam Cantine
  • Siyona Cremeans
  • Ashley Gamez
  • Josue Perez
  • Alexandra Vega


This may have been one of the most interesting digs to start of the new year. We did not have our usual count of students but we still found ways to make it fun. Students from UCF and USF also came and joined us on our dig. It was exciting to teach them the ways of archeology. The whole time being there, I was told to sketch out record level forms. Although it took a pretty long time, I still had a blast doing it. Next month can't come soon enough!

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