Fenet Demissie '20 The Posse Scholar

My dream is to attend medical school after my time at Lehigh University. I plan to major in Behavioral Neuroscience. Being a Posse Scholar is a great honor and an amazing opportunity. I am a huge believer that financial capability should not cost a student their education. Receiving this leadership merit scholarship means that I don't have to worry about financial aid, loans, and my ability to afford college tuition. I can attend a great institution, such as Lehigh University, without the cost being a deciding factor. My education comes first!

The Posse Scholarship, in addition to being a merit scholarship, also trains 10 students together for several months before we begin college. This means, by the time we move to college, we will be equipped to have conversations that seem controversial, make many people uncomfortable, or create conflicts. We, as Posse Scholars, have a task to be catalysts for change in our college campus.

I believe I couldn't have attended a better high school than Holy Names to prepare me for an opportunity like this. I was able to challenge myself academically, grow into a leader [through the activities I partook in and projects I led], and to freely think for myself.


Demissie Family