Girls vs. Boys Sports At Leigh The major differences and inequalities at Leigh High School sports

On the left that is a picture of the girls basketball cart and on the right is a picture of the boys basketball cart

This is what the boys basketball team gets for advertisement. While the girls basketball team gets nothing

There is a Leigh high school website called The Eleight. On this website there is a sport section. In that sports section, there are 44 articles, 4 articles on girls, and 3 out of 4 articles on girls was from last year. The 1 article from this year was on the Varsity soccer girls playing at Avaya.

This is Nella Khachian. Nella is a freshman in journalism. When we interviewed her we asked "Do the people in sports try and make it equal?" She said "Yes the people in sports try to make it equal"

We also asked Nella who was in charge of picking the articles and she said "Billy Braker, Andrew Paoli, Natalia S., Justin, and Tyler Phflibsen."

In this picture, these are banners hanging in the lobby of the gym. All the banners are boys sports and one girls sport. All of these banners was from around 1970s to mid- 2000s.


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