John Cabot By lily f

John Cabot was possibly born in the year 1450, in Genoa, Italy. In his early life, he worked as a merchant.

Cabot's sponsor was King Henery the 7th of England. His motive was to explore lands unknown to all Christians. Cabot set sail in May 1497, and on June 24, 1497, he claimed land in Canada.

On Cabot's first voyage, with a small boat and 17 men, they traveled around the coast of Ireland and then west across the Atlantic. They sailed north of Christopher Columbus's route to avoid land claimed by Spain. Then on June 24, Cabot reached the eastern coast of present-day Canada. He then claimed land for England.

The following year, Cabot sailed back to North America. On this try, he might have explored as far south as Chesapeake Bay, near present-day Maryland. Many historians do not know what happened to Cabot; some say he was killed in a ship wreck, but others say that he made it back to England, but died shortly after.

Whether Cabot made it back or not, he impacted England by claiming land for the them. The king knew that Cabot would not let him down, so he decided to sponsor him. Cabot never knew that he had reached a continent new to Europeans. But his voyage opened the way for English settlers to North America.

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