A struggle of my opinion The thrilling expose of my past


The ongoing winter was the topic of everyone’s conversation as we walked into Ms. Misoueston’s fourth grade classroom. As we took our seats the rush of warm air was of shock to us. We warmed up and Ms. Misoueston told us to each come up and get the handout that she had on her desk. On the handout there were the main policies of the two main presidential nominees at the time, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. She explained to us what all of these policies meant and how we would vote on which we wanted in office. However, we must research first.

After debating with herself for a few minutes, she decided to give the class three days. That was enough for the class to turn into a social battle ground.

Chapter 1

I went to lunch that day and noticed the most peculiar of things. My class table was split in two, one side clearly more crowded than the other. I went up to shanye to ask her what was the matter.

She acknowledged me with a disgusted face and said, “ They are all worked up about the vote”

“Worked up about the vote,” I wondered aloud, “ why would that be?”

“ well, they don’t agree with each other and so they can’t even stand to be near each other”

“And that’s why they are at different sides of the table?”

“Yes the more crowded side belongs obama supporters, and although I love him the people over there are just obnoxious.”

I took a seat and wondered to myself “who do I like?”

Chapter 2

As I sat back down in my now freezing cold desk I decided to weigh out the pros and cons along with some of my friends.

So I decided to ask my neutral friend Adanka.

He said that, “One pro for obama is that he has experience but he also didn’t get much done so i’m voting for Romney.”

I felt like that was pretty reasonable.

Seconds later however, people rushed over to him to argue, “ Well obama killed bin laden” ,one boy said.

“He also started obama care” ,said another.

“Is that supposed to be a good thing” , Said Adanka.

I walked away scared for my life…

Chapter 3

Days later, after the gangs had tried to pull over the “neutrals” the election had become less of a disagreement and more of a feud of beliefs.

I had been approached multiple times and ranted on by either side but now it was time to vote

I had decided to refuse a ballot, but when I tried to, the Substitute stated that it was written strictly in her directions to force us to vote.

So I took the ballot and wrote the best one I could come up with at that moment and stood by it…


Chapter 4

Later when I was asked who I voted for I told them, “I voted Romney.”

I got booed.

But by then it had all made sense to me on why romney was a clear cut choice. First of all, Obama’s few policies that were in place did not work out too well for america as a whole (some did) and we just needed change.

By the time Ms. Misoueston was ready to read the result, she decided to say that, “Our political views should not affect our personal views on each other as people. And although y’all did pick a candidate almost unanimously, I’m proud that all of you did your research and picked a candidate that fitted your beliefs.”

And as the feeling of overwhelming sadness and the pain of defeat rang through me, I heard two words: Barack Obama.

I had lost, but still to this day I stand up for my choice.

The end!

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