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Followers of the religion Christianity worship Jesus Christ as their main prophet. Christianity is a monotheistic religion where followers only worship one god. Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of god, the messiah, and the savior of the Jewish people. He was born in a city named Bethlehem in modern-day Israel.

Baby Jesus is born to Mary in front of her husband and the three wise men.

All Christians follow the teachings of the Bible which is believed to be inspired by the word of god. The Bible is preached many times in churches during a sermon by a priest or minister. There are many different versions of Christianity where the churches might have different theologies or they worship in other ways.

This is what the average church appears to look like.

The Christian religion has many famous holidays such as Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter. Easter Sunday is the day Jesus rose from the dead and considered a major celebration for Christians. Christmas has become a secular holiday that is celebrated by people who do not identify as Christian. However, it is primarily based on the celebration on the birth of Jesus.

This picture represents the cross which Jesus died on.

Some other things to know about Christianity is there is a lot of variations of it. A few examples is Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodoxy, and many sects of the Protestant religion. However, they all believe in Jesus and have a few differences in when they might celebrate a holiday, a method of worship, and their interpretation of the bible.


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