The Harn Museum of Art By Meghan lowry

Outside the front of the museum

Medium/Technique of the Artist: One of the first things that I noticed while going through the Harn was how amazing each piece of artwork looked. When an artist creates their work, so much goes into it, and every piece of artwork looks and is made very differently. This is mostly due to the technique and medium that the artist uses. The medium being what the artist uses, and the technique being what sticks out the most. While many of the pieces of artwork that I saw stuck out to me, a piece by Ross Bleckner sticks out the most. I really enjoyed the way he went about creating his piece, and the optical illusion factors of his technique. I also thought that the medium he used was very cool looking, and fit the artwork well. This piece stuck out to me the most when I walked in, and I think it is evident why.

Other pieces of art that stuck out for medium and technique

Design of the Museum: While the whole set up of the museum is a great setup, I really enjoyed the design of the African Collection Area. I liked how it was set up a little to the side, and kind of in its own room, away from the main area. I also enjoyed how they split everything up, and did not place everything just in one room, but that there were corners to turn find more and more pieces. The piece in the second picture, the one that you can see straight away from the entrance, really grabbed my eye because I feel like it embodies what the exhibit is about, and it made me want to go in and see more. Finally, I enjoyed how it led into another exhibit that also had to do with culture, instead of going into something random.

Views of the African exhibit

Art and Core Values: The piece that I chose for this was from the photography exhibit, and featured Frida Kahlo's family. It seemed from wandering the exhibit that much of the work was by Frida Kahlo, and the family portrait really stuck out to me. My family in general is a really big core value to me, and the fact that it was included gave me even more interest in the exhibit. Another reason I chose this is because while it may seem a little odd, I really value photography in my life. This is because I enjoy being able to capture a moment and go back and look at it forever. All together, the fact that the piece was a photo, and that it included the family really spoke to my core values and made me pick this piece.

Art and the Good Life: Art can be seen in many aspects of the Good Life. It is how people express themselves, from many centuries ago up until now, nothing has changed about that. For this part, I chose a piece by Agustin Cardenas. I found it in the Latin American collection, and to me, both his history, and the piece, really spoke about the Good Life. The description on the piece describes how Cardenas was able to leave Cuba and join the surrealist movement in France. This is something that, to me, shows that he was trying to achieve his Good Life, and was well on the way to doing so. The artwork itself portrays that of a family, two parents joined by a child. This also embodies the Good Life for me, as a "perfect" family is something many people, including myself, strive for.

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