Reflection Letter Trenton Leonard

Dear Dr. Sullivan,

Composition II Overview

In Composition II online class, I have learned how to write for an online audience. Which include the purpose of writing, who's our audience, how medium affects the content and audience. The first essay my class wrote was an opinion essay. In the opinion essay, we included images, headers, a background that fit the design and other features that would attract an online audience. The Arrangement of pictures are also an important feature of our digital-based essay. Perfect picture placement and captions to go along with them.

We gained knowledge of the difference between print-based and digital-based essays.

The second essay we wrote was an analysis of a documentary film essay. Through this essay, I have become familiar with the rhetoric choices in film. The third and final essay we wrote was an advocate essay. Throughout the course, I became more efficient for writing for an online audience.


The academic research challenges I've had throughout this course is the findings of credible sources. The scholarly sources to help prove the evidence points in my essay. The practice most difficult for me to the understand were the synthesizing of my sources in my essay. This was a challenge because I had to smoothly introduce the source and make a connection to my point. Synthesizing became clearer after the discussion in module nine. The discussion taught us how to synthesize sources into our essay.

The digital composition challenges that I had during this course is the smooth transitions. Going from one point to the other is one of the challenges I've had. The transitions include, however, accordingly, otherwise and from here on. The transitions became clearer after my first essay which was the opinion essay. By the second essay, I have become more proficient at transitions.

I still need to continue working on synthesizing sources into my essays to connect my points. My grammar needs improving as well as my transition from point to point. My attention grabber or introduction could also use some work. On my analysis essay, I had a two paragraph essay about computers and it's usage. The essay started slow and it overshadowed the purpose of the essay. The introduction was a connection between the purpose of the essay and an attention grabber. Other things that I need to improve on is the evidence of my points, which include a credible source and a connection.

Learning is all part of the process.

The Best of Composition II

The research that I did most naturally was finding articles and sources that support my points. Drafting the evidence and points were more naturally to than the introduction. Revisions to my grammar and vocabulary also came naturally to me. Presenting my sources are also one of my strengths. For an example, I presented sources in my advocate essay by introducing the source and the credibility of the author. This came more natural to me than others.

My strengths as a writer included arrangements and picture placement of my images. For an example, in my opinion essay, I had placed a picture of Donald Trump and his vision of a wall underneath a paragraph I was writing about his proposed border wall. My other strengths include layout, overall design aspect of my digital-based essay. Also, headers were a huge plus for me too.

I really enjoyed the online-based assignments and essays format. The pictures really bring attention to the essay and make it more appealing to read. Trying different fonts, background colors, and layouts were fun. The discussion activities were engaging and I learned a lot through them. My final essay strategies came to my essays being appealing according to layout and picture arrangement. The revision strategy came to was my information liable to my overall purpose.

Knowledge is the key to success.

Final Thoughts

I have learned to trust my abilities by finding scholarly sources when it came to research topics. My thesis will be supported by concrete evidence and synthesize my sources into my essay, and research knowledgeable sources to back up my points and conclusion. Also, I have become proficient in writing for an online audience. After this course, I will continue to use what I have learned by continuing to analyze film's rhetoric choices in articles. My professional setting by allowing me to write opinion essays on a certain topic and write online based- articles for a business using adobe spark.


Trenton Leonard

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