Input and Output Devices By Liberty Schofield

Computer Keyboard: Input Device

What is an input Device?

An input device is a peripheral (a piece of computer hardware equipment) that is used to input information to the device which will then process the information given and will display the command.

Examples of these input devices are: Computer keyboard, Computer mouse, Joystick, Scanners etc. These all have a pattern in which they provide information for example, the computer keyboard input information of what to type and display on the computer screen. This is the opposite of an output device.

Gaming controller: input device
Computer Mouse: Input Device
Printer:Output Device

What is an output device?

An output device is something which gives you information through and from the device given. It is used to send information to another device or user

An example of output devices are: Printers, headphones, monitors and projectors. They are all very similar in a way which they transport information from inside the computer/device to outside the computer/device. They are very useful and without them it would be very difficult to use information from digital devices. They are the opposite of input devices.

Projector: Output device
Headphones: Output Device


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