Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) of Materials Science for Sustainable Living helps our students to develop key Scientific Research and Design Thinking skills and values as they investigate and explore various properties of substances to create materials for a sustainable future.

Coleen Casupanan Dizon, a Secondary 2 Normal (Academic) student, was observing her mother test the temperature of the milk in her baby brother’s milk bottle by dabbing the milk on the wrist when she hit upon the inspiration for her Applied Learning Programme (ALP) project! Why not find a quicker and more convenient way to help her mother test the milk in the milk bottle?

She discussed her idea with her ALP group members and they came up with a marvellous innovation – have the milk bottle be made of a material with a chemical property that would allow it to change its colour to indicate the required warm, but not boiling hot, temperature!

“Seeing how my idea was well received by my classmates made me believe I had ideas that were worth sharing and would help others. Now, I’m inspired to create a biodegradable material that could replace plastic baby bottles! I am so thankful that the scientific research and design thinking processes acquired through my school’s ALP has enabled me to love Science more and come up with ideas that can help not only my family, but also help to save our Earth!” says Coleen.

Coleen, in discussion with her ALP group.

Plastics will outlive each one of us and impact our lives as well as the flora and fauna around us. However, it is not feasible to just do away with plastics or other non-biodegradable products that harm this incredible planet we live in! As Woodgrovers, we learn how to care for our environment and come up with innovative ideas using alternative materials to build a truly sustainable world for our generation and the next.

Many Paths to Excellence – Developing our Passion through CCA

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) in Woodgrove Secondary School is a fundamental and crucial platform to enable students to develop holistically, hone their leadership competencies and talents, and pursue their passions!

Every Woodgrover has a story to tell of fierce passion and unwavering commitment to... a CCA!

Through their CCAs, our Woodgrovers have various opportunities to discover their talents, strengthen in their personal leadership growth and forge deep friendships with peers from varied backgrounds.

Our students’ CCA journeys start at Secondary 1 when each Woodgrover chooses a CCA from an array of Uniformed Groups (UGs), Performing Arts (PArts), Sports & Games, and Clubs & Societies.

Bryan Ang Wee Hao started his CCA journey back in 2015 when he was posted in as a Secondary 1 Normal (Technical) student. He joined the Media Resource Library (MRL) Club and it eventually led him to discover his passion and talent for Scrabble!

At Scrabble competitions, a sense of anticipation and suspense keeps his senses alert and his mind active as he quickly scans through the letters to come up with words that he can form. He keeps an eagle eye out for his opponent’s moves too!

Bryan considers his next move during a practice session

“Although I’ve learnt a lot of skills and techniques, what is most important is that I’ve learnt the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. I’ve also made my school, peers and myself proud, and this is better than any win that I’ve experienced.” – Bryan Ang

Han Dexun, on the other hand, chose the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) when he was in Secondary 1 because he was intrigued by the drills, parades and the smart uniform!

Through NPCC, Dexun has learned to pitch a tent at speed, and develop a strong sense of responsibility and discipline as he has come to lead drills regularly. Dexun now applies that same discipline in his studies and other responsibilities.

Dexun leads in a drill during his CCA

Besides the discipline of NPCC, Dexun appreciates the school for developing a love for the aesthetics in all its students through school-wide platforms such as the biennial Aesthetics Night. He particularly admires the tremendous effort, focus and teamwork shown by all the PArts CCAs in putting up a performance as he expressed below:

“I’m always impressed by how the Symphonic Band performs in perfect synchrony. I also admire the bravery and commitment that each PArts CCA member shows in every performance item!” – Han Dexun

Leading the way with Go M.A.D

Woodgrove Secondary’s Community Youth Leadership (CYL) programme nurtures students to be compassionate leaders with a passion to serve.

At Woodgrove, we believe that every student is a compassionate leader with a passion to serve the community. By integrating leadership education into the Values In Action (VIA) Programme, we nurture students into becoming Community Youth Leaders from Secondary 1.

How? Well, we start with the signature programme, Go Make A Difference (Go M.A.D). It is a student-initiated VIA programme which equips students with the attitudes, skills and knowledge to initiate, plan and implement service learning projects that meet the needs of the communities they intend to serve, such as their class, school, neighbourhood or the world.

Secondary 4 students, Rachael Tan and Nurul Firzanah, are proud of their very own class-initiated Go M.A.D projects carried out in 2017. They shared their thoughts…

“In Sec 3, my class helped less privileged families by providing them with groceries. The Go M.A.D project enables us to choose our own target audience and this makes it more meaningful for us. We also learnt how to plan and execute a fund-raising event all on our own, which was awesome!” – Rachael Tan

“For my Sec 3 class Go M.A.D project, we chose to help elderly residents at St. Luke’s ElderCare. It has made me more aware of the plight of the elderly both at home and abroad, and issues faced by countries or cities with a greying population. Young people like me must use our creativity and empathy to come up with good solutions to help the elderly, particularly, the destitute elderly!” - Nurul Firzanah

With the plethora of opportunities provided to engage with the community and take responsibility to serve others, Woodgrovers will be grow up to be active citizens who will Make A Difference!

Seeking the Sun

The sun beats down mercilessly, but the Woodgrovers gathered at the heart of the school grounds welcome the strong sun rays as, at their Green Learning Hubs, the sun powers charging stations that Woodgrovers can use to charge their personal devices.

A total of 3 Learning Hubs, each with a solar-powered fan and power socket, are spread across the greenery between the two classroom blocks and allow students to engage in self-study or meet their teachers for consultation.

In fact, these charging stations are used by students in their Applied Learning Programme (ALP) lessons as they conduct research and generate innovative ideas at the Hubs. They can also use information on various properties of elements or compounds found on the table tops for their projects.

Harsh Vikas Bhandari, a Secondary 2 student, finds it amazing that he can charge his phone at the Learning Hub using solar energy. “It gives me a sense of pride that we have this type of technology in our school. The fans underneath the solar panel are also run by solar energy, which is a renewable resource and does not cause any pollutants. This kind of set-up is impressive and makes me curious about other possible ways of using technology.”

The Force Behind Every Woodgrover!

Parents are a child’s first teacher! In Woodgrove Secondary, we believe very strongly in working with parents to develop every Woodgrover to his or her fullest potential. Since the school started in 2000, the Woodgrove Parent Support Group (PSG) has worked with the school to inspire and encourage our students as well as strengthen the family-school bond through the keen participation of parents and other family members in major school events.

The WGS Parent Support Group (PSG) has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2001. In closely working with the school, WGS PSG has helped to provide the extra layer of support that our students and staff can draw on. From the moment students and parents step into the school at Secondary One, they would be warmly welcomed by our PSG members at the school lobby!

PSG members not only show care for their own children, but they also show their care and support for all Woodgrovers, particularly, at major school events such as Sec 3 Adventure Camp, Sports Day and their termly signature platform – Pancakes Day!

In addition, besides Pancakes Days where PSG members encourage students and staff in the school, they also take part in the annual PSG Values In Action project where they work with their children to help the elderly or children in need in the community. Through such bonding sessions, they help the school to raise teenagers who will grow up to be Gracious and Responsible adults as well – the hallmark of a Woodgrover!

PSG members with our Principal, Mr Chee, (far left) at Cross Country 2018

How does the PSG help parents? Our current PSG Chairperson, Mdm Christina Sia, would like to share this with you:

“As parents, besides getting information of school events online or via letters from the school, you can find out more about the learning experiences of your child through attending termly parent-teacher meetings, talking with School Leaders, the Heads of Department, teachers and school counsellors. Such conversations help us to understand the ups and downs that our children go through and, hence, be more empathetic towards our children.”

Mdm Christina Sia, third from the right, supporting WGS Sports Day 2018 with fellow PSG members

Pancakes from the Heart!

Did you know that when you walk into Woodgrove’s canteen near a major examination, you will be greeted by the aroma of warm pancakes and maple syrup?

“Study hard! Eat! Persevere!” urge our parent volunteers as they hand out the pancakes. This Woodgrove tradition is always welcomed by many hungry tummies and grateful smiles!

Our PSG members look out for every Woodgrover - encouraging and providing a listening ear when needed. “To me, every Woodgrover is like my own child. I will be part of the PSG even when my child graduates.” Mdm Christina Sia, WGS PSG Chairperson (2017 - 2018).

With such caring parents around, won’t you want to join the Woodgrove family?

Annual Travel Fair - Woodgrove Style!

Never had the chance to travel abroad or to choose where you want to travel to?

Come and visit Woodgrove’s Annual Overseas Learning Journey (OLJ) Fair for Sec 3 students! At this fair, you will be able to find out more about the various OLJs that the school has planned so that you can further enhance your learning experiences and deepen your social and cross-cultural skills!

We have trips related to our Applied Learning Programme, Learning for Life Programme and the Aesthetics or Sports and Games! Come and talk with former student participants and ask questions to help you choose!

Harnessing Green Technology to Help Others!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow your own vegetables? At Woodgrove Secondary, through hydroponics technology, you can grow vegetables such as Water Spinach (Kang Kong) and White Cabbage (Bok Choy).

Unfortunately, you would not be bringing these home to cook and eat!

Instead, these vegetables are bartered by the Green Activists Club members for food products that would be donated to a food drive for less privileged families.

At Woodgrove, we help the community in many ways, including by growing our own vegetables and using them to help the less fortunate in our community!

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