Lesson Planning "Asian Festivals in February" Honorata Guzowska Eva Gutiérrez Amador Juan José Calle Casado Cristina Rodríguez Espinosa

  • Level: B1
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Number of students: 30 students
  • Place: Computer lab.

At the end of this unit, my students will be able to:

  • Expand their intercultural knowledge
  • Develop environmental consciousness
  • Reflect on problem solving situations
  • Learn vocabulary related to the topic of “festivals”
  • Learn to work cooperatively
  • Level up their digital competences as they work with Google Drive and Power Point
  • Engage motivation

Tangible outcomes: Brochure and Google Drive document

What language contents do my students need to carry out the communicative objectives?
  • Grammar: Use of a variety of verbs tenses so as to talk in present, future and past; modal verbs are going to be used in order to express advices
  • Vocabulary: Festivals (specific vocabulary related to each of the three festivals);
  • Pronunciation: Difficulty to pronounce words that come from other languages, such as ‘Pingxi’, ‘Holi’, etc.
  • Discourse Functions: posing a number of solutions for a specific problem; interacting so as to reply to the questions proposed
  • Strategies: stimulate specific vocabulary given in the pre-tasks; search for the main information given by the teacher; stay calm when you speak with your partner; describe what festivals are and their characteristics.
  • Intercultural awareness: become aware of the cultural variety in other countries; link the importance of many factors, such as the geographical situation or religion, to the festivals.
Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
The Holi Festival in India
Pingxi Lantern Festival


Created with images by Hans - "candles lights serenade lights" • Jangra Works - "Festival of Holi in India 2" • Tracy Hunter - "Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2013" • Hans - "candles lights serenade lights" • beggs - "IMG_6611" • Jangra Works - "Festival of Holi in India 5" • Jirka Matousek - "Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 2014 in Taiwan"

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