The Best Of What Canada Has to Offer By: Leya

Canada is an amazing country to live in and there are many things to enjoy about it. The three main things that I enjoy about Canada would be the Winter Carnival, The multiculturalism, and the Niagara Falls. This is a little bit about those topics and why I like them.


The Winter Carnival Is a yearly celebration that takes place in Quebec on January 27 to February 12. In the Winter Carnival, some activities include, Snow sculpting, ice canoe racing, ice skating, night parade, visiting Bonhomme's ice palace and many more (complete program). The Winter Carnival is an old tradition that was first celebrated in 1894. They created the celebration to help people deal with the harsh winter, but it wasn't celebrated for 18 years because of the world wars and the great depression. A group of business people decided to bring back the Winter Carnival because they wanted to boost economic development and tourism (Our History). They also made Bonhomme Carnaval the representative of the Winter Carnival (Bonhomme Carnaval).

Bonhomme Carnaval

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: The Winter Carnival is important to me because it's a very inspirational celebration. It's an inspirational celebration because even though they had to stop the celebration because of the world wars and the great depression they brought it back after 18 years to help people deal with harsh times, and it became a common tradition in Quebec (Lambert).

Winter Carnival


Canada was the first country to make multiculturalism a policy in 1971. Multiculturalism is when everyone is treated equally and this is one of the things that makes Canadians feel safe and welcome (Canadian Multiculturalism: an inclusive citizenship). In 2011 people that were born in foreign countries and immigrated to Canada made up 20.6% of the Canadian population. In Canada, Ontario has 43.1% of the foreign born population and that is the most compared to the other provinces (Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity In Canada). There are many pros to multiculturalism such as, you get to learn more about other cultures, you can learn new languages, etc (Multiculturalism vs. Assimilation). In Canada we have many celebrations that honor other races and cultures (Black history month, Asian heritage month, etc.) to make everyone feel welcome.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Multiculturalism is important to me because I think that having a diverse country adds variety and gives people more of an opened mind about others, and I believe that it's important that everyone is treated equally.

Niagara Falls

Niagara falls is a beautiful waterfall located on the borderline of Ontario and the U.S. In length, Niagara Falls is about 58km long (Niagara Falls geology facts and figures). The Falls were formed about 12,000 years ago (Niagara Falls). Niagara Falls is connected to two great lakes, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario ( Niagara Falls Geology Facts and Figures). The Falls were made when large glaciers melted and formed huge lakes. One of the lakes called lake Erie had water running downhill to lake Ontario and the rushing water eventually made a river called The Niagara River. That river passed a steep cliff, and that is known as the Niagara Falls. The cliff located under the falls is pushed back 30.48cm (1 foot) every year because of the rushing water (Quick facts about Niagara Falls). Did you know that the Niagara Falls is used for hydroelectricity and can power up to 3.8 million homes (Conheady)?

Niagara Falls

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Niagara Falls is important to me because I believe that the falls is a great source of energy and it's a beautiful tourist attraction. It is also important to me because it's a tradition for my family to go to Niagara Falls during the Summer break. That's why it's important to me.

Those are some of the things that I like about Canada and the reasons I enjoy them. THANK YOU!


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