McKay Creek Elementary School Dec/Jan school newsletter

December and January have been months with many unexpected breaks. Even with 7 snow days off of school for the safety of all, our students are back working hard in the classroom, teachers are paring back to the nitty gritty, and we are all on track to finish the first semester of the school year. Report cards head home next week, with the celebration of all that's been accomplished the first half of the year, and anticipation for what is still to come the remaining part of the 2016-2017 school year.

Students were honored with awards at our Awards Assembly.

McKay Mustangs ended 2016 with fun Christmas programs directed by our new Music Teacher, Mrs. Dinkel. She had students perform traditional Christmas music and speakers who recited the night before Christmas. We began the 2017 year of school with DARE graduation for our 5th graders. They proudly walked up to get their certificate of completion from Officer Hamby, Chief Stuart Roberts, and 5th grade teachers. Every 5th grader was honored with a certificate of completion, gift certificates and coupons to local businesses, and other tokens from local merchants. We are so proud of our 5th graders who all pledged to stay drug-free and continue to use the knowledge and skills provided by the DARE curriculum.

Hot cocoa party to celebrate the cold.

4th graders have been working hard on their wax Museum projects. Come by McKay on February 6th to view our amazing Wax Museum. Our fourth graders have completed projects, read biographies of a famous person, then created a display board of information about their historical character. The fourth graders will dress up, have props, and stand VERY still (like being a character in a wax museum) for the public to view, on February 6th in the McKay gym from 9:35 - 10:05, 10:35 - 11:05 & 12:15 - 12:45. PLEASE come see our fantastic Wax Museum!

Awards Assembly, honoring our students!

All classes have been taking their iReady assessments in Reading and Math. We give the screener 3 times per year to help monitor students learning and growth throughout the year. This assessment helps teachers individualize instruction to better match student need. Along with Core curriculum, students are supported with skills groups based on their performance on these screeners and other classroom data. We have seen some great academic growth due to the specific information these assessments provide about what skills and knowledge our student have, or don't have. Our new Math curriculum is especially helpful in providing material and instruction that is targeted to each individual student's need. Our students have really been working hard to improve their skills and knowledge in both Reading and Math.

A student interviewing her grandfather in Spain, to get information for her writing project.

Due to cold weather, we have had a lot of inside recess this month. Although it's hard to get the wiggles out while being in doors, it certainly is not impossible. Our staff have gotten very creative about finding ways to have students move or still have some exercise during the day, even indoors. We are using our gym every morning for inside recess games. our new PE teacher, Mr. Jenness, has explicitly taught inside recess games to all of the PE classes. Students understand processes and procedures as well as game rules and good sportsmanship. In addition, some classes have been doing child-based yoga, and school-moves activities inside the classrooms. Our students have been great through the changes in recess and lunchtime procedures. We really have great kids at McKay!

We are gearing up for Pie Social next month, Feb. 23rd. If any parents would like to help with our largest and most important fundraiser of the year, please contact the school. We really appreciate the support and help from all of the parents and families at McKay. This fun evening is made possible ONLY because we have such great parents who volunteer to help out.

In door recess. We even use our volleyball poles as indoor tetherball poles! Thanks, Mr. Jenness for this GREAT setup!

McKay is a special place because of the amazing teachers, fabulous supporting staff, and especially our terrific students and their families. Our school is AWESOME! Proud to be a McKay Mustang!

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