Welcome to Band and Chorus at Luella Middle School!

Band and Chorus at Luella Middle School offer an excellent opportunity for students to explore and enjoy music making. Students in the Performing Arts at Luella Middle give concerts, perform in small ensembles, go on trips, and have a lot of fun. Sixth Grade band students will learn how to play an instrument. No experience necessary. Band and Chorus are the two largest organizations on campus and enjoy a great reputation for quality and excellence.

About the Luella Middle School Band

The Luella Middle School Band provides students the opportunity to explore music through instrumental performance. The LMS Band serves over 150 students in grades 6-8. Classes consist of 6th Grade Beginning Band, 7th Grade Concert and Symphonic Bands,and 8th Grade Concert and Symphonic Bands. In addition to band classes, students have the opportunity to audition for County and District Wide Honor Bands, participate in Solo and Ensemble and many other events.

The Band Program at Luella Middle has a reputation for excellence. The LMS Band consistently earns Superior ratings at Large Group Performance Evaluation. Members of the LMS Band have earned placement in District Honor Band and the All State Band and participate in Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Students who complete 8th grade band have the opportunity to be a part of the Award Winning Luella High School Band. Both the Concert and Marching Bands of Luella High School have a long-standing reputation of excellence. The Marching Band has earned multiple class and division championships in marching competitions.

How do we get started?

In beginning band, we spend the first weeks learning class procedures and expections, basic fundamentals of music, learning which instruments are parts of the band and trying out the different instruments. Instruments of the band include flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and percussion.

After an introduction to all of our instruments, students will have that opportunity to turn in their top three choices of instruments that they would like to learn in band. Instruments will be assigned based on interest, apptitude and creating a well balanced band. Then, the fun begins! We will begin learning how to play the instruments!

Beginning band is ONLY offered in sixth grade, so it is important that you get started now! Do not let this opportunity pass you by!

About the Luella Middle School Chorus

The Luella Middle School Chorus provides students the opportunity to explore music through vocal performance. The LMS Chorus serves over 100 students in grades 6-8. Classes consist of 6th Grade Beginning Chorus, 7th Grade Intermediate Chorus, and 8th Grade Advanced Choral Ensemble. In addition to chorus classes, students have the opportunity to audition for 6th Grade Honor Chorus, District Honor Chorus, Spivey Hall Children's Choir, All-State Chorus, and many other events.

Throughout the year, there are several opportunities for parent and student involvement. We have fundraising options in the fall semester, perform with Luella High School Chorus during cluster night, take field trips around the metro area to see world-renowned performances from colleges and universities, and more.

As a 6th grader, we use the first few classes for vocal placement. This will determine your voice part- soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone/bass. Then we use the next few weeks introducing fun activities to learn the fundamentals of music-- solfege, scales, sight-reading, breath control, and a host of other important concepts.

Why should a student join a performing arts class?

Study after study has proven that music education increases early brain development and improves students' overall academic performance. Current research shows that music:

  • Enhances higher brain function
  • Improves reading and math performance
  • Raises IQ and SAT scores
  • Teaches the habit of excellence
  • Builds teamwork skills and enhances cooperation
  • Provides important experiences such as self-paced learning and mental concentration

Frequently Asked Questions

Are band and chorus a class during the school day?

Middle school students have two connections classes per term. Band and Chorus are two of those connections classes and meet for the entire year. Band and Chorus are the only connections classes that a student can choose - and they can be a part of both. All other connections classes are assigned randomly. If a student chooses to be in band and chorus, those are the only two connections classes that student would have for the entire year.

What are the after-school obligations of 6th Grade Band and Chorus?

Sixth grade band and chorus have limited after-school obligations. Each group gives approximately two after school performances during the school year. These are scheduled well in advance. Selected students will have opportunities to participate in other activities such has honor choir, honor band, and solo and ensemble. These are optional. There are no after-school practices for 6th Grade Band or Chorus and it does not interfere with other school activities.

What are the financial obligations?

For band, students will need an instrument, book and a few accessories. I highly recommend that students rent an instrument for their first year of playing. We have local music stores that rent instruments for an average of $30 - 35 per month and include a maintenance policy that will cover the instrument if it needs to be repaired throughout the year. There will also be a small cost for a uniform. Please, DO NOT purchase or rent an instrument yet!

For chorus, students are required to purchase uniforms. These uniforms will be used for all performances and for field trips. Uniform tops can be purchased from Everyday Image Solutions and Uniforms. Khaki pants and black pants can be purchased from any local store-- Walmart, Target, Old Navy, etc. A notice will be sent to both parents and students when it is time to make these purchases. Please, DO NOT purchase uniforms yet!

LMS Band and Chorus students are the leaders of our school!

Our students participate in sports, cheerleading, clubs and other activities. Band and Chorus do NOT interfere with any of these other programs! Our students are often academic leaders in our school as well. Band and Chorus help students build and develop life skills that will serve them well through middle school, high school, and beyond.

Think of band and chorus as an investment in your child's education.

Music education opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your child that they will not experience in any other class or activity. Please do not let this opportunity pass your child by. Sixth grade is the ONLY grade that we offer the beginning levels of these classes, so the time to join is NOW!


Band Director

Jill Keesey, Band - jkeesey@henry.k12.ga.us

Chorus Director

Caitlin Boyd, Chorus - caitlin.boyd@henry.k12.ga.us

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