For Such a Time as This

Hello Friends, I know this is shortly after my last post, but yet, another week has past. It has been a week of searching and digging deep.

This week our topic was mostly about leadership and how the world needs good leaders. Most of the week was spent discussing the hardest person for each of us to lead, ourselves. On Monday we watched a video about burnout and how self care is so important. If I'm honest that was not an easy thing to watch. But that night I decided to start practicing a sabbath day (I'll get into that later). And we were challenged to look at what fill us and drains us. This was something I had done last fall after reading a book, so I reviewed my list and updated it. On Monday Amy and I also visited our Albanian family. We had (my first piece) baklava. It was so good to enjoy the treat again.

We were challenged by Mark, our speaker, to lead where we are. That in whatever position we hold we should be leaders. We also discussed team work some as well. Below are some things I am thinking about and trying to get into my heart as a result of this past week.

He WANTS me and you!

On Friday I also got two other samples of baklava! I haven't had it in a while so it was really nice to enjoy good homemade baklava. The photo below is a little blurry (sorry), but baklava, if you don't know, is layers of thin dough (with some sort of oil or butter between each layer) and after so many layers of dough then a layer of nuts and sugar followed by more dough. This is repeated some number of times and then baked to give a crunchy yummy desert which simple syrup is poured over. If you have never had it I urge you to try it sometime.

Sabbath. I spent yesterday (Friday evening and Saturday until dinner) practicing my first official sabbath. I just did things that fill my bucket and allowed me to enjoy the world that God has created. So I read a novel, knitted, spent time with God, napped, among other things. And let me tell you, it made a big difference. Today I feel so rested and restored. I feel filled up. I like the quote that I'm posting below. But that the sabbath is an invitation to join God in declaring life VERY good. If you don't have this practice in your life I would like to challenge you to start having a sabbath. It will do a lot of good for your heart and soul. If you want some ideas these are some good resources to get you started!

May you find rest in our God, my friends! Until next time, Charissa

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