Young Black Man holding BLM sign at protest

The Black Lives Matter Movement is an international activist movement that originated in the African-American community that focuses on the campaigns against racism and violence towards black people. This social movement was established on July 13, 2013 after a series of killings of black people such as Jonathan Ferrell, Trayvon Martin, Deion Fludd and many more. These killings are still happening today.

BLM in Canada

The Black Lives Matter movement is just as important in Canada as it is in the United States. Although the violence towards black people in Canada isn't the same as the violence in the United States, the racism is still there. There are multiple activists groups throughout Canada on social media and local communities to show support the BLM movement. Each and every day there are racist acts being done towards black people and only a few get attention and/or reported.

BLM controversy

There has been controversy regarding what the BLM movement stands for ever since the movement started. The most common controversy that is being brought up with the BLM movement is the All Lives Matter movement and it is being used to counter BLM movement. Another controversial issue that is being brought up with the BLM movement is that the protests are mainly targeting 'WHITE PEOPLE' and they do not address issues like Black on Black Crimes or Coloured on Coloured Crimes.

BLM Controversy (Cont)

BLM movement protest vs Pride Parade:

Another controversial issue that surrounded the BLM movement was their protest in downtown Toronto that halted the pride parade. The protesters had a list of demands, demanding that LGBTQ Blacks should be treated as equal not only in the pride parade but also in the pride community.

Tupac's influence on BLM

BLM protest 360

Trivia Time

  1. Which group said this? "When black people get free, everybody gets free," in official explanation of their movement. A) Black Panthers. B) Black Lives Matter. C) Civil Rights Movement. D) N.W.A.
  2. The Black Lives Matter movement was founded by a a)Male b)Female
  3. Which group said this?: "At this point marching and protesting, it's not going anywhere. So we're trying to find new avenues of engaging people for a change." A) Black Panthers B)NWA C) Black Lives Matter D) Civil Rights Movement


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