Beneath The Surface of A Redneck by gabby jordan

Everybody has the stereotypical redneck pictured in their mind. Long hair and beard, dirty, country music loving trucker. These photos of my boyfriend are particularly important to me because they are to show that not all young country fit into those stereotypes. Hopefully, people will be able to realize that too often small town american boys are pictured as cowboy lovin’, confederate flag praising racists. Along with these things not being true, there is also so much more to country boys. They may fit into the categories of loving powerful trucks, dirt bikes and country music. Too many people in the minute school of Algonquin do not realize there are boys who like things other than football and Vineyard Vines. I tried to show a deeper look into Jack’s life, beyond what is just on the surface. Beyond his somewhat intimidating looks, he is an extremely caring boyfriend and honestly just a big child at heart. The deeper meaning behind these pictures is the true character of Jack, and the uniqueness of him as a person, specifically compared to the norm of Algonquin.

"If it's too loud, you're too old"

Good boots take you good places.

"Strength comes from the good things. Your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work. Those are the things that keep you whole." -Sons of Anarchy
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Gabby Jordan

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