Ming Dynasty PERSIA

This is where the Ming Dynasty was located.

The Ming Dynasty was known as the "Empire of The Great Ming" and ruled for 276 years. They started in 1368 and ruled until 1644.The founder of the Ming dynasty is Zhu Yuanzhang,he is whom the mongols lost power to. Zhu actually grew up in poverty and saw a lot of death in life.His family died of disease which left him alone and made him take shelter.

The founder of Ming Dynasty

When the shelter lost their money Zhu was forced to leave and beg for food.Zhu Yuanzhang then joined a rebel group and became the leader of that group at age in his late 20's. Now that the leader of the Ming dynasty has been discussed, lets move on to the best aspects of the dynasty.

If i were to rank the PERSIA i would start off with religion. Religion in the Ming dynasty was really important. One type of religion was Buddhism. Buddhism consists of developing yourself spiritually. Its stripping yourself of your wants and "worldly possessions". Its the understanding of freeing yourself from suffering. Religion plays a big part in how a society or empire is constructed because it ultimately shapes how people think. This is why religion is ranked number 1 at the list. The main types of practiced religions were Taoism and Buddhism. Taoism is also known as Daoism which meant they had a balanced relationship with nature. Another important religion was Confucianism, this is the way people should treat each other. In conclusion, religion built a variety of beliefs in the Ming empire.

This is the great wall of China

The second ranking would definitely be intellect. The Ming dynasty had so many achievements in their era. One huge achievement is the Great Wall of China. Even though they didn't start the Great wall of china their additions to the the wall made it what it is today. A lot of watch towers were built along with canons. One technological advancement was the Grand Canal.

Grand Canal

The Ming Dynasty basically restored the Grand Canal by making it deeper and made reservoirs to control water in Canals. It was originally built in order to ship grain from southern China to Beijing.

Jar art

The next ranking would be the art made in the Ming Dynasty Era. Art in the Ming dynasty was very detailed and beautiful. Here is a video explaining the art in the Ming era.

To sum up this clip, art in the Ming dynasty was a huge development. The prominent blue and white porcelain of China was emerged in the Ming Dynasty. A lot of handicrafts were made during this time due to the bamboo, jade and ceramic carvings. This led to china being very famous for silk and paintings. This was also the cause for China trading with other nations.


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