LGA NEWS EDITION 16, DATE: 15 may 2020


Our fortnightly LGA Newsletter has definitely turned into a showcase of lockdown achievements! It is lovely to see what has been going on with home learning in the widest sense and a reminder that learning life skills, such as baking and exercise, are just as important as any school subject.

I wrote to parents earlier in the week to outline some of the headlines that were announced by Boris Johnson on Sunday. As we expected, further advice and guidance is being issued that will guide our approach to establishing some face to face contact with Year 10 and Year 12 students during the summer term. We will write again to parents as soon as we know more about what this will look like. I would like to reassure parents that the safety and welfare of our students and staff is the absolute priority and that any decision to bring additional students into school will be guided by this principle.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy reading about some of the varied things that Lord Grey students have been getting up to during the school closure. We are happy to receive contributions from students and parents too!

Jim Parker, Principal.

Great Work, during lockdown!

DRUMMING FOR THE NHS, what an inspiration.

OLLIE is proud to be an Air Cadet at 2366 Bletchley Park Squadron and started with the first clap for the NHS at the start of the lockdown. When only a couple of people were on his street it was not very loud. We asked Ollie what made him decide to start drumming: "I saw on the TV other people banging pans, so the following week I did that, then the Air Cadets gave permission for us to clap in our uniforms. I did my first drumming in the street on the 24 April and at the end I got a big cheers and claps. More and more of our neighbours have joined in.

I wanted to purchase with my savings from my paper round, a secondhand drum. I received lots of messages from lovely people that wanted to make a donation towards the new drum. So I decided to give my savings to the Milton Keynes Hospital charity, as they are doing lots at this time and I wanted them to have something nice to say thank you. I then said to mum, maybe I could try to raise more for them. She helped to set up a 'Just for Giving' and 'Facebook' page so people could donate. I am now drumming every Thursday night whilst we are in lockdown and I hope to raise £500 for the hospital charity."

How fantastic Ollie, truely admirable work and determination. Below is Ollie's Facebook page showing his tenaciousness and also his Just for Giving Page. Keep it up and let's hope you reach your goal of £500 and make your wishes happen for our doctors and nurses in the NHS. Absolutely incredible. #lordgreycan!

Facebook page, drumming for the NHS Click here Just for Giving Page Click here


Pride of Lord Grey Academy

We are so pleased to announce that Danielle, E03 has graduated from the RAF after ten weeks of intense training. Danielle has always had her eyes set on going into the RAF and has worked so hard on her GCSEs, where she focused on her goal and set high expectations which she achieved. We are so proud of you Danielle, you are a credit to Enigma House and Lord Grey Academy. Ms Dunn & Mrs Kirby, Head & Assistant Head of Enigma House


Get in touch, we want to hear from you.

More Exceptional Cooking

Some great baking by Alfie. He will be picking up a Principal's Award when he returns to school. Keep up the excellent work! #lordgreycan! Ms Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Head and Assistant Head of Enigma House.

Big congratulations to Nishika who has been working really hard at home and showing that Lord Grey students can! Miss Reynolds, Second in Inclusive Learning.

ART AT ITS BEST, some fantastic work!

Great image of Cookie.

Dylan one of our Enigma students has been showing his outstanding art skills with a drawing of his dog Cookie. We all loved it. Keep drawing Dylan, it was wonderful. Ms Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Head & Assistant Head of Enigma House.

Some fantastic artwork from our students have been received by Dr Layden, Teacher of Art & Technology.

Great work from: Elise Year 7, Matilda Year 12, Jessy Year 10, Lewis Year 9, Desiree Year 9, Kayla Year 7, Isla Year 7, Lois Year 10, Hannah Year 10, Eloyse Year 8, Fareeha Year 7. Well done everyone, keep up the good work! #lordgreycan!

Gracie, Year 8 has been working hard on her English project.
Two of our Turing Champions out embracing their 'hours of freedom'. Freya and Lois have been out walking their dog but on Monday when the day dawned bright and fresh, they pumped up the tyres and spun out into the countryside.

Year 7 students have been exploring the play 'Ernie's Incredible Illucinations'.

One of the home learning tasks was to create a costume design for one of the characters or create a set design.

We would to say well done to Lily for her fabulous set design. Well done. Mrs Maxwell, Teacher of Music


On Monday 9 March, our Year 7 students took part in various activities, including the Bletchley Park Bunting Project to commemorate VE Day 75. While the planned celebrations were unfortunately unable to take place at Bletchley Park over the bank holiday weekend, I thought it would be great to share some images of the beautiful bunting that our students produced.

Great sewing!

The bunting project required students to follow the spirit of 'Make Do and Mend', and I wish to send thanks to all of the staff who provided us with old fabrics and other useful materials in red white and blue. Particular thanks go to Mr Smith (I think your cut up shirts are in there somewhere!), Mrs Green and Miss Cowap; without their large donations of fabrics creating this vast quantity of bunting would not have been possible. Special thanks have to go to Mrs Wasway, who not only helped on the day, but spent three weekends in lockdown stitching this all together for us. The bunting will still be making its way to Bletchley Park, and will hopefully end up on display at some point in the future. Miss Phipps, Head of Humanities

Creative Week saw Matthew using his imagination, great languague use and creativity with words, and came up with this perfect poem! Well done. Miss Reynolds, Second in Inclusive Learning.

A great poem about tigers.

culinary skills

Congratulations to Lowen who looks like he is a trainee for MasterChef. He has been cooking lots at home during the closure and improving his culinary skills. Well done Lowen a yummy chicken tikka masala. Miss Reynolds would like you to cook for her soon!

sporting skills

Freddie in Turing 04, learning a new skill during lockdown - BADMINTON. Now showing great serves and hitting really long shots in his game. He had a strong rally with his Mum, so we cannot wait for him to get back and challenge Mr Selvester (Turing vs Lorenz). #lordgreycan!

reproducing an Italian Monument

Nick and Gracie have been working very hard on their Italian Monument Project. They have produced remarkable drawings of their monuments and they have not studied art before. Their efforts are great, well done and keep up the good work. #lordgreycan! Miss Sacca, Teacher of Italian.

Fantastic work! La Torre Pendente di Pisa and Ponte Vecchio.

a challenge... fantastic journey

Mrs Wasway was challenged to take a shirt or blouse and transform it. Below is the journey... What a transformation!


Need advice, information or guidance? Our Careers & Futures Adviser, Joanna Brown is still available: Email: joanna.brown@lordgrey.org.uk and let her know when you are available for a call back. Don't forget to leave your phone number! Whatever your situation, there is always something or someone available to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch!


NatWest have launched #DreamBigger to broaden students' career horizons and develop their awareness of entrepreneurship as a possible future career

Female students aged 16+ are welcome to join DreamBigger's weekly online workshops:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship - every Tuesday @ 11.00am
  • Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset - every Wednesday @ 11.00am
  • Defining Entrepreneurial Purpose - every Thursday @ 11.00am

DreamBigger provide lots of learning materials, exercises and follow-ups for both students and teachers.

mk college Online virtual Open Event Registration

Are you considering an application to MK College? They are holding a virtual open event on 20 May. So if you were always planning on applying but never got round to it or are having a re-think and now feel it might be a good additional option please sign up and find out what they have to offer.

Once you have registered, a link will be sent at approximately 10am on Wednesday 20 May, giving access to the event. You will be able to find out more about the courses, chat with support staff, find out about apprenticeships, careers guidance and student support. There will also be access to tours of the facilities.

The event will start at 10:30am and end at 3:30pm and you will be able to visit the event as many times as they like, using the link that will be sent on the day.

If you've got any questions, please contact events@mkcollege.ac.uk or click here

Remember that our Careers Adviser at the Academy is still available to help with any plans for September. Please email joanna.brown@lordgrey.org.uk

thinking ahead for years

Bitesize Passport Day will encourage you to think about your next steps after your GCSEs and your future education options. It is suitable for students currently in Year 9-11. Bitesize Passport Day will be spread out over six weeks with a new workshop sent to you by email every week.

A student ambassador will deliver the workshop via video and they will be setting you tasks throughout the workshop. There are worksheets for each workshop that will need to be completed online.

Once you have completed the workshop, submit your worksheet to the Study Higher team who will provide you with any feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Make sure you complete all the tasks as fully as possible - each student who completes the six weeks will automatically be entered into a competition to win one of four £40 Amazon vouchers.

Workshops will be sent on Tuesday each week and the worksheets will need tobe submitted via email by the following Monday at 8.00am

Workshop Timetable:

  • Week 3 (19 May): Routes into higher education
  • Week 4 (26 May): Virtual campus tour and student finance
  • Week 5 (2 June): Societies
  • Week 6 (9 June): Student Ambassador Questions & Answers (Q&As)

If you'd like to take part, please complete the sign up form click here ASAP and the Study Higher team will be in touch with you. If you have any questions, please email passportday@studyhigher.ac.uk - thank you!

Resources to help support us all...

WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Do you have any concerns about the mental health of a child in your care? We are able to offer help from our experienced Mental Health Practitioners. The poster gives details of how to initiate a referral if needed.

May is Mental Health Awareness, this year the focus is "you are not alone" and aims to encourage us all to talk about our mental health.




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