Meet the 2019 Express Scripts Scholars The program supports dual-degree students' diverse interests and increased financial need.

The Express Scripts Scholars Program provides four $10,000 scholarships to enrolled dual-degree students to help offset tuition, fees, books or cost of attendance.

The 2019 Express Scripts Scholars are:

King D. Gyasi

Howard University College of Pharmacy

Pharm.D./MBA Candidate

"As my passion for increasing access to affordable health and medical care grew, I began working in different areas of the healthcare field. With the counseling of my parents and many mentors I decided to pursue a career in the pharmacy."

"Pharmacy is one of the few areas in healthcare that strictly provide patient-centered care. In addition, one of the things that excite me most about healthcare is innovation in healthcare therapy as it creates opportunity for new treatments and better health outcomes, and majority of these innovations begin with pharmacy."

"As a Pharm.D./MBA candidate at Howard University, I plan to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in business development and market access with the goal of bringing unique and innovative perspectives to both internal and external business strategies based on drug pricing and reimbursement. These experiences will allow me to gain the necessary skills and resources to achieve my long-term goal of increasing access to affordable medicine and quality healthcare in medically underserved countries around the world beginning with my birthplace."

Lily Rowan Mahon

University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

Pharm.D./M.P.H./M.H.I. Candidate

"I see the future of pharmacy being intertwined with data and informatics. I see the future of pharmacy improving public health and bettering communities. As a Master of Public Health, Master of Health Informatics, and a Pharm.D. student, I aim to improve the world by using my expertise in medications, data, and policy."

"My career goals are to use medications and data to improve public health. I want to be involved in the discussions that are crafting policies that affect entire states or the entire country. I want to help improve connections between healthcare systems and retail pharmacies so that community pharmacists can provide the best possible patient care. I believe in the power that pharmacy and particular pharmacists have. With my three degrees I hope to be armed with the knowledge needed to help lead the change within these three connected worlds."

Emma Robasse

Drake University College of Pharmacy & Sciences

Pharm.D./MBA Candidate

"Medicine, business, technology, and law aren’t individual industry sectors anymore. Pharmacy is just as much drug interaction and adverse effects as it is cost savings and pharmaceutical contracts. My job as a pharmacist can’t be done without having to weigh the cost-benefit analysis for each patient. Business guides how medicine functions in today’s society."

"I chose to pursue pharmacy school because the idea of knowing the why behind a medication fascinated me. But the reality was that I’m from a business orientated family. The “business language” was what I grew up listening to and it came more naturally to me. Because of my background, I thought I could work to make a difference in healthcare."

Elise M. Waldron-Young

University of Houston College of Pharmacy

Pharm.D./Ph.D. Candidate

"With my Ph.D. in pharmacology with an emphasis in medicinal chemistry, I am learning multiple levels of drug development, from chemistry to pharmaceutics to pharmacology. With this diverse training, I intend to apply my clinical and preclinical knowledge into a consulting role and develop more efficacious medical products."

"With the knowledge and skills I am acquiring, I intend to work for a consulting firm, where I can apply my chemical knowledge with improving compounds against infectious pathogens. The pursuit of a consulting career will allow me to diversify my skills and experience from university laboratories of academia to corporate research and development. I plan to do at least one internship outside the university setting, like the FDA or pharmaceutical industry."

"Witnessing the overall approval process of new drugs will expose me to some of its direct challenges. I also plan to continue working with the pharmaceutics department to further diversify my knowledge and skill set. Knowing how to target pathogens can be applied to potentially prevent infections. I believe this diverse knowledge can be applied on a multifaceted level, focusing on underserved communities, for the betterment of the common good."


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