Cicely Tyson By,Tyler Stromatt,Ryan Williams


  1. She was born on December 19 1924
  2. On December 19 1924, A little bit after her birth there is uncertaintiey surrounding here birth year to protect her privacy.
  3. In 1943 While she was 18 she quit a typing job so she begin modeling.
  4. Since 1960s she was a vegetation.
  5. In 1972 she was nominated for academy award.
  6. In 1974 she won a Emmy award so to the autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
  7. 1977 she appeared in the television mini series called Roots.
  8. August 21, 1997 she was awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
  9. In 2015 she was nominated for an Emmy award with a guest staring role in How to Get Away with Murder.
  10. On November 23rd 2016 she was awarded the Presidentail medal of freedom.
Cicely back then.


  1. When she got her first acting job her religious mother thought she was chiseling a sinful path so she kicked her out of the house.
  2. She had trouble finding acting work.
  3. Her mother worked as a house keeper and Cicely herself sold bags on the street.
  4. They were forced to rely on welfare to survive.
  5. They ate corn-mush for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Personal Quilties

  1. She kept her birth year unknown and a secret.
  2. The bird in East Orange New Jersey, wanted to name a preformance arts school after her.
  3. Tyson had even taught a mastery class in that school.
  4. She would only accept the honor if they would let her participate in the school activities.
  5. She is on a strict vegetarian diet that she exercise and no meat,Caffeine or alcoho.
  6. She was married to a Jazz musician for a while
  7. Rumor is that she has two kids, she will not conferm or deny them for their safety.
  8. She has an image that spans not only race, but for all blacks.
Cicely and her husband.

Significant Continbutions

  1. She has refused to get on by her looks, Tyson is often given credit for inspiring black American woman.
  2. She became a member at the black film makers hall of fame.
  3. She has also been honored by the congress of racial of equity.
  4. The National council of black women honored her.
  5. The national assocination for the achivement of colored people presinted Tyson with its 95th Spingarn metal and award given to African Americans who have reached outstanding levels in achievements.
Cicely Tyson

One of her famous quotes includes "You never know what motivates you".

Created By
Ryan and Tyler Williams And Stromatt

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