I am so excited for your upcoming shoot experience with us! In the previous welcome guide link explained alil of the process. This is the dream shoot planner that will go over alot of good things on how to prepare for your upcoming luxury boudoir shoot and also review the product collections and a la carte options ! I look forward to meeting you and having one kick ass of a session and see you really wow yourself!!


To me boudoir is all about empowerment, self-love, confidence, and bravery. I believe that as women, we have gotten into this bad habit of putting ourselves last. When was the last time you did something for yourself? I know personally my husband, children, and job come before anything else and that had made me feel out of touch with myself in the past. Along with this, we have grown to believe that it is acceptable to love everyone else's body and sensuality, just not our own. Well, I'm here to help turn all this around for you. You are perfectly beautiful just as you are. It is absolutely ok to treat yourself and love the way you look! My goal is that you will walk away from your session with a head held high and that you will have become your own standard of beauty and sexiness.

At Boudoir by Sara Lynn Studio, we provide services,not to make you look better,but to help you see,and feel that you are gorgeous.
When you know how amazing you are, that confidence exudes from your photos, and that makes such a drastic difference between what you see in the mirror and what you see in your photos.

Every woman should feel beautiful. Our tasteful and professional boudoir sessions will not only showcase your beauty, but they will make you feel like a Goddess!


To Review again our a la carte product pricing, the collection packages we offer, and WHY we keep images separate from our session fees, keep on scrolling for all the details!!

A la Carte starts at $600 & Collection Packages starting at $1095; most clients invest $1895 & up on their custom boudoir Art, payment plans are available if needed

$600 minimum order on all products/images

Your session fee deposit that you made includes the following:

Online consultation with Sara,

1hour + (depending on package you choose) of fun and shooting

professional hair + makeup with luscious lashes (Luxury session)2 hours typically

with 2-6 outfit changes

access to our client closet and jewelry bar

Inspiration board to help with the styling of your shoot

Personal Image Ordering Reveal Appointment

Professional retouching of ordered images

Mimosa & wine bar access

I believe every woman should have the boudoir experience! I offer interest-free payment plans, and accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal Credit so that you don't have to tell yourself no.This option allows you buy your collection package after your shoot, but break up the payments into monthly payments that makes sense for your budget! 1st payment of the product cost is due at the time of order, and products are not ordered until your package is paid for in full.

Payment Plans available for Collection Two, Three & four (2 months -4months)


If you have a theme in mind, whether it be '50 Shades of Grey', Bridal Boudoir (complete with a gorgeous veil and something blue), let us know! We love working within and playing into themes!

Rock the Session

Once you arrive to the studio, you'll be welcomed with wine and yummy goodies! Then you'll have your hair and make-up professionally styled if you pick session one with hair & makeup services, and our artist is ready to create the perfect look you're going for! We have sets/props that will create a variety of looks within your photo shoot,and we'll help you with your outfit selection once you book, we use flattering lighting/retouching, and we will pose you down to your fingertips! While you are getting glammed I will map out your session, then it's all about you! Time to shoot!As you can see, there's nothing to worry about, we've got you covered!

Let's go over all the things that YOU can do to prepare for your session, so it turns out to be the ultimate pampering!

Sessions are best booked 2-4 months in advance, this allows time for us to collaborate; but if you need to book sooner, no worries! We can exchange texts, pins, emails, you name it; I just want to know what your dream shoot looks like. If you're local, we can even go shopping together!



We have an amazing artists on our team ..Hair & Makeup is also included in your session fee deposit. Michelle comes to the studio to Glam you up so need to go two different places.Having your makeup + hair professionally done is a big part of having a amazing session!She is our all Exclusive makeup artist that works hand in hand with me on studio ready makeup and know exactly how I like things to look to capture the best of the best angles. Here at Boudoir By Sara Lynn we transform girls-next-door, maxed-out mamas, and pressured professionals into sultry sirens. Michelle has worked in the industry for years and prides herself in not only recreating any look you could wish for, but also paying extreme attention to proper technique and sanitation. She knows what I like and make you feel & love your look for your custom session!

Typical hair & makeup pampering is about 2 hours with shoot to follow after, so expect to be in the studio for about 4.5 hours

Come with Clean face/ No makeup as you will be in amazing hands by our talented makeup artist Michelle (please note tips are greatly appreciated to her)


hair and makeup will be specifically designed to accentuate your beauty. Professional Hair and Makeup with beautiful luxurious lashes .Especially for boudoir, will be very different than what you might wear on a normal day but still look like your beautiful self and is highly recommended for this type of shoots ! You'll be full glam baby & be pampered!

The Poses

The first thing I usually hear from everyone is, "I have no idea how to pose, my images won't look good." Luckily for you, that's my job! I obsess over being able to provide my clients with step by step instructions on posing. So don't worry about looking silly or not sexy enough. I will literally get down on all fours and show you how to execute the pose we want. I pay extreme attention to your eyes, fingers and toes, and even breathing to make sure that you won't be able to stop staring at your images.

A La Carte & Product Collections


we've put together collections based on our most popular products. these products are the cherry on top of your boudoir experience.


Once you have the session.. we will go over your images at your reveal.. We will decide what product collection is best or if you would like to do a la carte. Below you will find the different option and what fits your needs.

At reveal session is when you would need to pay for the product. If no arrangement is made at Reveal then images will be archived. If you choose a payment plan then the 1st payment would need to be made and product will not be delivered until payment plan is done.

Collections & A la Carte

1.) On the day of your reveal, you can choose a package/products and pay in full or choose to break up the payments in 2-4 months. With 1st payment made that day. If NO payment is made at Reveal, images will be Archived, So please plan ahead if you are wanting to apply for paypal credit. Also if any missed payment arrangement will be forfeited with no refund.In order to maintain a payment plan your card info will need to be on file and auto paid on the select dates.NOTE-With payment plan-You just don't receive any of your products until the final balance is paid in full.

2.) Pay Pal credit- (Popular)-If you have a PayPal account, GOOD NEWS! We take PayPal credit! This allows you to set up monthly payments, but gives you the same instant gratification of receiving your products without delay as paying in full, or through a pre-shoot payment plan. Because PayPal does the financing, I'm paid upfront--allowing me to retouch and order your photos the moment it's put in place! I offer it as an option because when you use PayPal Credit you get 0% APR and 0 payments for 6 months or other options. You sign up on www.paypalcredit.com to see if your approved and what your limit is. Try not to wait last minute to see if your approved that way you can plan accordly if your not

3.) Save up for your session using the Booty Bank Account!*The Booty Bank Account is a customizable automatic payment option for those of you who'd like to gradually save for your session beforehand.*You can choose an amount you want to spend on products and packages and make payments until your session so that way its all paid off prior and you can get your products right away!

Separate link is Available for payment plan options details - here

Delivery of products takes place once payment plan is completed.

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

What's Your Comfort Level?

On top of the style of shoot you want to have, you also get to pick the level of comfort you feel with nudity. Your comfort is of the UPMOST importance to us. We want to make sure we know exactly what you're ready for!


"A little skin" often runs hand in hand with our Classic and Lovely style. We'll keep things covered & modest! You may or may not want to skip our white sheet set with this comfort level! This could mean staying clothed in something that makes you feel beautiful, a slip dress, or a more covering piece of lingerie.


This says exactly what we mean! With this, we're showing a bit more skin, this may mean covering your breasts with your hands, sexy lingerie, and remaining mostly covered during your white sheet set.


In this set, perception is everything. We will of course have the sexy lingerie, but can push boundaries by using clever angles and posing to make your body appear as if you are removing panties, without clothes entirely, etc., while you actually remain quite covered shooting these sets.


This comfort level is often paired with the illusion of nudity, but rather than sticking with things perceived as nudity, we also allow for topless shots that actually display your breasts.

Our Commitment to You...

We know that this can all sound scary, but we are truly committed to your comfort. We allow changes in the bathroom, we turn around when you need to adjust under a white sheet, and we work hard to make sure that you are covered in all of the ways that you choose to be. While in your session, if you change your mind about what your level of comfort is, whether you want to show more or less skin, NO problem! Just let us know and we'll happily adjust!


My private studio is located on my half acre property located in Wildomar,CA. Which is separate location from my house and completely private with a newly remolded space. Have tons of room for different areas and set ups to achieve the looks we need and variety.

My address: 33575 Valencia st wildomar ca 92595

Every woman is Unique and Beautiful. Let us show you what the world sees. You are a beautiful, strong, and independent woman. You were made for this and you deserve it.

What Do I Wear?

This is probably my most frequently asked question: What do I bring? Many of our ladies choose to look in their own closets and lingerie drawers to find the amazing pieces they bring to their sessions with Sara. The most important thing I can tell you is that if you FEEL beautiful in it, you will convey that beauty to the camera. Lots of our ladies also decide to buy a little something special for their session, and want to know, what is the most flattering lingerie for my body?

Bring atleast 2-3 items that know that fit.. I do have client wardrobe but everyone is different in size and dont want you to stress out. COME PREPARED ..bring anything and everything u think would be good and we can narrow down. More the better so we can pick and choose!!

TRY to Order items or go shopping ahead of time so you are not stressing last minute!

Let's Shop!


I literally have never seen a woman NOT look amazing in black. So first and foremost, know that black is everyone's best friend. It is slimming, sexy, provocative and gorgeous! If you are concerned about what color to buy, go with what feels AMAZING first, but if you're ever in doubt: go black!

Anything with straps look so amazing and sultry..High Waisted garters.. knee highs all look amazing along with leathers


I have never met a body suit I didn't love. They seem simple or casual, but pair a body suit with leggings, tights, heels, or a good ol' arched back, and VA VA VOOM. Uhhhhmazing! Body suits can be found in so many different styles! Whether it's lacy lingerie, or something in cotton or wool that you picked up from a trendy store (totally not intended to be worn without jeans), it's still going to look HOT.


Lots of ladies express to me that they are concerned about their size, or that their problem areas are their tummies. First off, please know that extra ell bees does not mean that you are not 100% capable of SLAYING. Our bodies are our gifts, whether they be a size 2 or a size 20. If you want to shop for something that you know you'll look lovely in, I would suggest bodysuits (can't go wrong! I'm telling' ya!) and other shape wear. This will allow you to tuck and pinch into a gorgeous hourglass shape while still allowing for booty SHAZAAM.


No. Don't really cut them. BUT, let's talk bout the cut of the panties you choose to wear. When it comes to what is most flattering for booties, I will always tell you less skin is MORE. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it's totally the case. I always prefer panties that have booty coverage (maybe not FULL booty coverage--but those French cuts SLAY me!) over those with less. That said, thongs can be TOTALLY sexy (especially under sheer nylons), but I would definitely stay away from G-strings, which don't allow for much shape and leave a little too little to the imagination!


While I LOVE baby doll dress lingerie for practical purposes, they doesn't always photograph well! This is mostly because I'll contort you in some crazy shapes and positions and the baby doll lingerie hangs, making your body appear differently than it actually is. If you have something you love, don't panic! Bring it! We'll just have to pose you to ensure that the garment looks as beautifully as you feel wearing it!


If you're not feeling lingerie, but are unsure what to wear consider some of these options in addition to or instead of lingerie: Mens Shirts, T shirt and booty shorts, Robes, Slinky Dresses, jersey etc.


Yes! Bring accessories if you feel good in them! Jewelry, bedroom toys (handcuffs, crops, etc) can be fun props! Leg warmers, knee high socks, garter belts, thigh-highs and other tights and nylons, fishnets and more all play a role in these set ups and can add to the ultimate sex appeal!


Feel free to bring whatever you'd like, and we'll give you our expert opinions on whether something works or doesn't! If you need more guidance, you can always give us a call or send us an email to ask our opinion! We're here to help!



Prepping for you session begins 7-10 days before you show up at my door! Follow these steps to insure your appearance is at it's highest level!

7-10 days before your shoot:

Increase you water intake! Try to drink extra water all the way leading up to your shoot, it is AMAZING for your skin and will allow you to shine bright like a diamond! :)

Lower your salt intake & avoid alcohol if you're concerned about water weight!

Stay out of the sun, or wear lots of sunscreen.. If you do spray tan make sure its not orangy and to dark. Also try to atleast do it 3 days prior to shoot

*Remember eyelash extensions are NOT recommended since they look grey under light and look good for shoot*

5 days before your shoot:

If you wax, do so ASAP to avoid any bumpiness or redness.

Make sure your eyebrows are groomed & hair touched up

Shape and buff your nails, or get a manicure also bottom of feet nice and clean. (less then $5 at a drug store to buy a file and buffer)

Keep drinking plenty of water, this does amazing things to your skin!

Try on your outfits and lingerie to make sure they fit properly.

Steam or iron your ensembles and hang them properly so they keep their shape as you travel to the studio.

Begin to use lotion regularly or more frequently

stretch..yoga or just simply stretch. Lots of poses that are awkward but so worth it after

On the Day of the shoot:

Wear loose fitting clothing that won't leave imprints on your body.

Come with hair clean (wash hair night before) & no makeup on

Bring the stuff you want to wear, I'll have some stuff with me as well!

Bring at least 1 set of white & black undies, can go with anything bra and undies.

Remember jewelry & accessories not always recommend

Show up PROMPTLY at your shoot time

Get ready for fun!!!

What happens when it's all over?

Sadly all good things come to end! Don't worry though, we will see each other 1-2 weeks after your session for your big gallery reveal on the big screen. This is usually the most emotional and empowering part of your experience, so make sure you've got some waterproof mascara on! This reveal appointment is typically 2 hours so plan ahead love!

Typical Turn around time after images are picked for retouching is 3-4 weeks turn around for edit/ retouching and luxury product delivery depending on what package and size of order.

Luxurious Product

I believe you should be shown off in only the most luxurious of products. I offer luxury albums, heirloom quality prints, beautiful glass keepsake boxes, and extravagant wall art of either luscious lux metal or canvas that will knock anyone's socks off. Trust me you'll want to display your images!

All product is delivered within 3-4 weeks after order is placed.

These Pictures below do know justice of just how amazing these Luxury products are! But some examples!

"You Can Do This"

I often hear from ladies how nervous they are to try something like this. A million doubts run through their head: I'm too fat, if I lose 20 pounds maybe I can do this. I'm too old, I should have celebrated myself earlier in my life. It's too expensive, or im not worthy enough

These are all lies!! NOW is exactly the time you should consider these photos. Sometimes, as women, we get so wrapped up in our roles we forget that we are first and foremost WOMEN, and my ladies, that is something that should be celebrated! These photos are an opportunity to say to yourself: 'Hey, self! You know what? I love you (or maybe I think I love you), so I'm going to take a moment to cherish you, to do something SCARY and empower myself at the same time." To say to your doubts: "NO. You WILL NOT WIN TODAY"

Let me SHOW you why these sessions are for EVERYONE. Let me work with you to understand the power, beauty, light and incredible worthiness you possess. We can do it together!


You can Earn Rewards, gift cards, gifts and more by spreading the word!

We appreciate you spreading the love so SO much! As a small business, our happy clients are what keep us going and enjoying what we Love!!

When they book a session your friend gets a $75 credit towards purchase & You get a gift from me!!

Your session is to celebrate who you are, the “YOU” the world sees and the secret “YOU”.

SO you received the questionnaire & took care of deposit.. We set up your date for your custom shoot and I booked my makeup artist Michelle to secure that date to glam you up before your amazing shoot. It is very important you show up on time as it is scheduled just for you or it may cut into our shoot time. You will be in our studio for about 4.5 hours starting with hair and makeup and shoot to follow for about 2 hours.

If you need to reschedule please do so ASAP as we typically book out 2-4 months ahead of time. THERE IS A $100 RESCHEDULE FEE IF CHANGE OF DATE IS REQUIRED. We understand your time is precious but so is ours so please be considerate of that as I am also booking our makeup artist for the specific day.

You will receive a series of emails from us leading up to your shoot, that will entail reminders to drink water, the prep we need you to complete to have an exceptional session, and a reminder or 3. :-) We're here to walk you through every step of this Luxury session process, and if you ever have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

After your session you will come back within 3-7 days for your viewing and ordering appointment. Please allow about 1-2 hours for this so we have the time to go through your amazing images and pick what product or collections are best for your needs. This is one of the best parts of your session is seeing yourself and how amazing you look. Again At reveal session is when you would need to pay for the product. If no arrangement is made at Reveal then images will be archived. If you choose a payment plan then the 1st payment would need to be made and product will not be delivered until payment plan is done. So please plan your finances ahead of time or if you need to apply for pay-pal credit

Then once we have chosen your images and product I will get to work on the retouching process and send to you for your approval via email to look at the finals and let me know if you would like anything changed (please allow up to 2 weeks)

Once approved by you, I will then place order of your products. typically is about 2-3 weeks depends what product collection you picked

Once orders comes in, I will notify you and if you are close then we will set up the best time for you to come pick up your amazing products. If you live far then I will mail the products to you via secured UPS.

"She is divine. She is magic. and she didn't have to wait on anyone to tell her to believe that about herself. And that is what made her so magically beautiful."


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


Come join my VIP Facebook group! You'll find specials, other amazing brave women, and more of my latest work. Feel free to jump in on contests, ask questions, and uplift other women! And don't worry! This is a private, women only group. All members are screened by me personally and nothing can be seen by non-members.

Feel free to Invite all your girlfriends into our amazing private women only VIP group




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