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Adobe Digital Video Assignment 5

Digital Video Course Week 5 assignment: Tutorial with video and screen shots. I had to use Zoom to create the screen shots. I found using Zoom to be difficult to post edit, which I needed a lot. Next time I will use a script to prepare myself for the live recording with Zoo. In any case, this is the first time I was able to edit a Zoom mp4 in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Digital Video Assignment 4

This was a good lesson. After watching Kev Lavery's Class 4 Lecture I decided I'd better use his provided assets. Having his video on 1 screen and the other screen I created the video in Premiere Pro. In reflect the "Day in the Life" assignment was quite the learning experience for this novices.

Adobe Digital Video Assignment 3

In this assignment we created a video sequence utilizing the shot reverse shot technique (and obeying the 180 degree line rule) to present a knock knock joke. I used provided footage to create this assignment. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on this only about 1/2 hour. With that said, it could have been refined and tweaked. I'm still proud of my progress so far in this course.

Adobe Digital Video Assignment 2

This assignment I created a video montage sequence based on my own video content that follows a theme and includes several different types of shots. Like assignment 1 this project shows an escalation of intensity. This escalation can be through shot type, shot length, subject matter, movement, sound or some combination of these elements. 20 seconds exactly.

Adobe Digital Video Assignment 1

In this assignment I created a short montage video sequence using still images based on a single color. The goal was to make the exported video 15 seconds exactly.

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