Happy Birthday For Rainbow Grammy

When I think of you ...

I think of red lipstick, your laugh, and your grandma smell that only grandmas can have

I think of all of the amazing trips I've had to the farm and the welcoming arms you have held up to many visitors, including Rachel and Paula.

When you first got your camera and made me and Emily let you take pictures of us while running

I think of Thanksgiving, walks with the dogs, and food (especially your food pantry)

The wide universe is the ocean I travel, and the earth is my blue boat home

I think of the clothes you make us, your sewing, and your rose-tinted glasses

Princess and Ladybug

Of naked butt adventures, pee buckets, swimming pools, moose CDs, and camping trips

There's a little wheel a'turning in my heart

I think of how you used to cry when you left us after spending time at Oak Hill Stables, I think of walks with dogs, goats, and chickens

I think of your crinkly skin, which reminds me of a forest floor sprinkled with falling leaves. Mom has your skin, and I hope I have good enough genes to have it too

Watching the King and I
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
Oh, we ain't got a barrel of money ...

How you say "Paullll" when you are frustrated with Grampus, and how you are always there for me and Chloe

You have inspired me ...

Your strength, your love, your wisdom, your appreciation for animals and nature, your kindness, your silent power. It has all inspired me.

I even dedicated a portion of my life to being an awesome grammy like you. I was getting in practice for when I'm old and flunderful (fluffy + wonderful). You've even inspired mom to be an awesome grandma.

I will have to remember to wear pink hats you, so I can always be identified in a crowd.

We love you

See you in March, I can't wait! Love you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots

have a marvelous birthday

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