The Life of the Bythotrephes Lonimanus by evangelina so

What's a bythotrephes lonimanus?There are many ways to classify the bythotrephes lonimanus. Classifying is taking different characteristics of a species and putting it into a subgroups. The bythotrephes lonimanus is a spiny water flea.A spiny water flea is a type of zooplankton and an arthropod. Zooplankton and arthropod are the subgroup that the spiny water flea is in. Spiny water fleas are in the cercopagidiae family.

Behavioral, physical and structural Characteristics The spiny water flea can hurt fish in very harsh ways. Many people might be wondering how does this happen? Well a lot of the time when people go fishing thousands of fleas will stick onto to the fishing lines. If the fish eat them then it will poke, cut and scrape the mouth of the fish.

An adult bythotrephes lonimanus grows up to 1 cm long.a spiny water flea looks yellow with black spots.

  • Native environment and the invaded environment The spiny water flea is native to northern Europe and Asia.The spiny water flea was found in the great lakes by the 1980's. It was found in lake Ontario by 1982 and found in lake Huron by 1984. The spiny water flea was also found in lake Superior in 1987.

Migration There is one way the spiny water flea gets from one lake to another. If a fisher person dose not clean their equipment when travelling from lake to lake, then the spiny water flea can stick onto the equipment. So this is how a spiny water flea escapes from it's native area. Isn't that cool they can hitchhike a ride with out getting noticed.


Impacts The bythotrephes lonimanus has many negative impacts. First of course it dose hurts the fish if they eat it but there is another way that the spiny water flea has a negative impacts in an invasive area. The spiny water flea eats other animals food. The spiny water flea eats the same food as loons and turtles so their is less food for them to eat. This threatens their existences.

controlling the bythotrephes lonimanus There are many ways people are helping to control the bythotrephes lonimanus examples are: 1. volunteers coming to stop the fleas from hitchhiking in boats 2. people are educating other people about the spiny water flea and how to stop them 3. people are cleaning their gear between each body of water. Many people can help by doing these this also.

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