The Indian Ocean and Earthquake by: jonathan abad

"I was at a great fishing spot in Krueng Cut village when I felt the earthquake. I wasn’t worried but I thought I should check on my family. I arrived home about 15 minutes later and my wife and son were fine so I was thinking about driving around town to look at the damage from the earthquake. At that time I could never have imagined the tsunami. But minutes later I saw the water coming towards us, it was washing up houses and gathering speed. I grabbed my son and my wife and we ran. There was a huge wall behind our house and we only just managed to scale it in time. It was a life or death moment because the water was right behind us. We ran to a two-story building, and the next moment I saw the first wave take hundreds of people. I ran down and picked up a small girl lying on the ground and took her up to the second floor. Then the second wave hit. After the first wave I could see the dead and injured but the second wave was devastating, it just swept everything away." - Nazaruddin Musa, Banda Aceh

The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami occurred on December 26, 2004 near Indonesia. The colossal earthquake killed 225,000 people from twelve different countries with its powerful 9.1 magnitude. After the earthquake ended, it was followed by destructive tsunamis.

The Indian Ocean Earthquake of 2004 was followed by destructive tsunamis. The ensuing tsunamis swept away many from their families. These tsunamis killed many and displaced those who survived. In addition, the tsunamis destroyed the affected countries' farms, fishing spots, infrastructure, and tourist locations. The salt water destroyed crops, and the loss of roads led to increased struggle to deliver help to those who needed it.

The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami was the most destructive disaster of the 2000s. It brought destruction and death upon several Southeastern Asian countries, such as Indonesia and India. The Indian Ocean Earthquake was the third most powerful earthquake since 1900, and the tsunamis were even worse. The earthquake and tsunami killed 250,000 and left many more missing. In the aftermath, the people were left with little food, few medical supplies, and a broken spirit.

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