This month we recognize six outstanding individuals who contribute to the excellence of their schools and departments in Pendergast. Thanks to colleagues who nominated them as we recognize and share their success.

PAIGE ENGELSON - Coach in the Exceptional Student Services Department

Paige was selected as a Bee Recognized Award Winner for March due to her willingness to insure Free Appropriate Public Education for all students with disabilities. As a coach in the Exceptional Student Service Department of Educational Services, she is responsible for coaching special education teachers on academic rigor and legal compliance so they can be successful in positions that have grown increasingly more challenging. Paige has taken a special interest in students who have been placed outside the district to ensure they have a caring adult in their school district who is keeping track of them. She made this part of her personal mission and has helped a student transition back in to the Pendergast district. She worked to have the student nominated for an award and she was only 1 of 7 students selected in the state. Paige is always willing to assist her team with projects and timelines, and she is a wonderful problem solver. Also, she goes far above and beyond to care about the people she works with and is sensitive to their needs. Her detailed-oriented nature keeps everyone in the department on track and productive to the fullest extent. We are grateful to Paige and all she does for the ESS Department and schools. She is best described as committed, compassionate and focused.

SUE NAYLOR - 8th Grade Teacher at Westwind Elementary

Sue was selected as a Bee Recognized Award Winner for March because she is a dedicated member of the PESD family. She has been a teacher for many years and willingly shares her knowledge and passion for teaching with others. She also keeps the school fun by being part of the spirit committee. Sue includes and encourages staff and students to participate in building a sense of identity and building a strong community feeling that makes Westwind a great place to work and learn. She leads activities that include door decorating contests and spirit weeks. Sue consistently inspires others with her loyalty, knowledge and an engaging, positive attitude. Creating memories is something Sue does best, judging friendly competition between grade levels and creating morning announcements that are student led. Sue understands the challenge of getting middle school students involved in spirit days so she involves them by having them dress up and be part of the advertising, judging, taking pictures and giving out awards. Thank you, Sue for helping to create the wonderful memories and a positive culture at Westwind Elementary.

SKY ATWELL - Head Chef at Charlie's Cafe / Chartwells

Sky was selected as a Bee Recognized Winner for March because she has been a welcome addition to PESD and Chartwells. Her can-do attitude is present in everything she does. From her innovative recipes to her assistance with the parent lunches and the Desert Mirage Discovery Kitchen, people rave about her skills and her creativity. She not only teaches nutrition lessons to students and parents, she helps them understand the importance of eating healthy and using fresh foods. All you have to do is ask, and Sky will find a way to say yes. Everyone who comes in contact with her will receive the best customer service and she willingly says, “Be our Guest.” She has updated menus and works as a team player to serve the most beautiful and healthy food for each catering job and district event. We are so fortunate to have Sky on the PESD staff, with her positive nature, innovative spirit and happy face for all.

ROGER HYATT - Volunteer at Westwind Elementary

Roger was selected as a Bee Recognized Winner for March because he is a superhero volunteer who swoops in unnoticed to make a difference. Roger shares generous acts of kindness and energy with everyone. He has expanded the garden boxes and keeps them filled with soil, so they are ready for the students to plant seeds. He performs the simple things that keep a smile on teachers’ faces including keeping the laminator up and running and focusing on helping the teachers. Teachers, students and staff count on him to fix and create things. His willingness to give back inspires others to joining the fun in bringing the garden and the school to life. He has increased productivity and service in the school by ensuring everything is working and accessible to everyone. He is described by others as helpful, thoughtful and generous.

MARIBELLA DIAZ - Copper King Elementary PTA Member

Maribella was selected as a Bee Recognized Award Winner for March for her dedication to PTA and Copper King School. She is described as dedicated, helpful and caring to all her know her at the school. Maribella is a dedicated Copper King Parent, PTA member and Instructional Assistant at Copper King.

She has a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond every day to make a difference in the lives of students and staff as well as families at the school. She is extremely calm, flexible and welcomes the challenge to work with students who need additional support both academically and behaviorally.

LINDA LANEBACK - Technology Integration Specialist

Linda was selected as a Bee Recognized Winner for March because she had led the efforts to assure high quality integration of technology takes place for every student in Pendergast District. She is willing to do whatever it takes to support learning. She begins the year teaching Digital Citizenship to all new teachers and equips them to teach this important message to their students. She helps all teachers understand how technology can increase student engagement and improve learning. She is willing to model in classrooms and does this in a way that helps teachers feel comfortable using new programs and trying new methods to ensure deep and meaningful learning takes place. She is willing to help develop digital resources that can be used in any classroom or at home for parents and creates structures to organizing resources that teachers have available. Knowledgeable, helpful and student-focused are words that best describe Linda, as she has shown how vital it is to value using technology in the Pendergast District.


Raymond Pohlmeyer

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