Trump in the Media by Jordan Gullick

Donald Trump has increased in popularity on news and online media since the start of the American presidential election. This presentation will examine the online footprint that has been created before, during and after the presidential election.

We will begin by looking at Trump prior to the presidential campaign. As a businessman that had began running his families real estate firm, Trump had the opportunities presented to him to climb the ladder to become successful.

Donald had bought, built, renovated and managed casinos, tower blocks, and hotels since running his families business, which has resulted in him becoming increasingly wealthy and powerful up to the current day.

Trump Tower, New York City. The headquarters of The Trump Organization

Since 1971, Trump has been the President of the Trump Organisation and lived at the Trump Tower(since 1979), shown above. The Trump Organisation is the name given to the conglomerate that deals with real estate, casinos, golf courses, hotels, and resorts. Through the power that has been gained through this, he has gained an online footprint that we are here to detail.

Through research, I have found articles and videos online that are portraying the new President of America before, during and after the campaign, starting around 1990 during the interview shown below, which shown Donald being defensive when questioned about his business. The 80's was evidently mainly about making money, but as soon as the press began to notice and interview Trump, the 90's began a time where interviews of this kind were more than often happening.

Another of the recent reports (link below), mentions parties that had been organised by Trump, that included "cocaine, sex, and models as young as 15." Reports of this nature are only now coming to light as the Presidents fame increases, but give us an insight into the kind of person that Trump was or is, and a bigger understanding of his online footprint that is continually growing as stories are being revealed.

Another online video that has been greatly popular during the Trump campaign is the one attached above. This video apparently includes a sound recording of Donald and a friend talking in a vulgar manner about women. This has sparked great anger within feminist groups and supports, which then leads to an increasing amount of online reports depicting the sexist and disgusting behaviour of Trump. This all forms a large digital footprint that links up with other sources to give us a full frame picture. An example of other media would be the Official Donald Trump Twitter account, that has been archived and can be re-read.

The official tweets written by Trump can be viewed on a website called

An example from the two links above are this tweet "Pervert alert. @RepWeiner is back on twitter. All girls under the age of 18, block him immediately."

This kind of tweet is clearly irresponsible for a man of his power, and shows that he doesn't really have any type of thought process or censorship before posting to his social media accounts, whether this tweet is true or not. These type of tweets continue to the present day.

It was during the presidential election that Donald Trump and his history really came to light, especially outside of America. Despite TV images of thousands of fans of Trump gathering at rallies to show support, online sources were revealing the information that has been shown above.

Online news sources during the election more often than not mentioned Trump and his tendency for racist comments and opinions that were well supported by his fans. An example is the link below.

A quote from the above article "attacks on a Mexican-American judge and on the Khan family; his ridicule of a disabled reporter; his sexist insults; and his dismissal of African American life as a smoldering hellscape of shameful failure," gives an insight into what type of comment is being broadcast through Trumps campaign.

It was then during the election that articles such as the following were brought to light that made a clear impression of Donald Trump for certain people, whilst others continued to show support and agree with the comments of Donald. Below is an example of an article including a video from before the election that is being used to increase Trumps negative online footprint in an attempt to decrease his popularity.

Following on from the racist ideology that was portrayed during the election, we then come onto the current Trump now that he has been successful. Below is a link outlining the details of Trumps "Muslim travel ban" and what he is expecting to achieve. From the photographs, there can be seen to be large protests taking place against this, and many constructive comments of people worldwide leaving their opinions on the idea.

This was one of the first articles of negative footprint online for Trump as the President of the United States, and shows that he is taking (potentially) racist action that is being formed on a basis of his own beliefs and opinions. This is again supported below, with a link to an article showing that Trump has signed an order to begin building his Mexican border wall to reduce immigration problems.


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