Captiva Island By Henley burton

Where is it?

Captiva Island is located offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of southwest Florida. It is near the Fort Myers area, and is directly by Sanibel Island. It is about an hour drive from the Fort Myers Airport to Captiva.


Captiva Island offers miles and miles of beautiful white sand beaches, with warm blue water. Sunsets can be watched from the beaches over the gulf.

Food & activities

On Captiva Island, there are a variety of restaurants, including The Mucky Duck, Bubble Room, Key Lime Bistro, RC Otters, and more!

Captiva's Island store, Yolo Watersports, offers many activities to enjoy on the water, from parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, flyboarding, and more!

At Captiva, visitors can be taught to flyboard, where they can hover above Captiva's waters.

Parasailing is a fun way to see the island and ocean from an aerial view.

Along with water activities, Captiva also offers fun options on land. There is a golf course, or rent bikes, golf carts, scooters, scooter coupes, and more.

Golf carts are easier to use than cars on the island, since some roads are so small.

Scooter Coupes are a fun way to travel!

Bikes are a great way to get from place to place, since the island is so small.

Where to stay?

Captiva offers hotels, resorts, and a wide range of houses to rent out for your stay.

Southseas Resort is located on the northern end of Captiva. It lies on a lot of land, and contains a golf course, swimming pools, many places to stay, and more.

Tween Waters Inn is a smaller resort on the island, but still offers many amenities.

Renting out a house is the most common way to stay in Captiva, and there are many homes to choose from around the island.

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