Noelia Roman Founder of Living a Dream Wedding & Event Planning.

Noelia Roman founder of Living a Dream. Noelia was born in Rosario, Argentina but as soon as she got ready to open her eyes to the world she was in a plane going to the free land of United States of America. Landing in New York , she was raised to be an American. As her mother, Silvia, worked in a factory putting together wedding dress for a designer. Noelia grow up seeing the dream a girl ever wanted being in a elegant wedding dress. Going back to her roots for two years and then stepping back to what she called home sweet home Miami, Florida. Miami is the mixture between two worlds where Noelia had tasted before and was where she has to be. The creativity flowing through her she discover what she was meant to be a coordinator for wedding and event planning. Noelia wanted to give her unique talent to the world and that's where Living a Dream was born.

Press Release

The time has come and it Living a Dream grand opening. On May 26, 2017 Living a Dream will be opening their door to cater their business to wedding and event planning. Throwing a celebration no matter how big or small clients and their guest will be leaving with unforgeable memories. The grand opening will be taking place at the Newport Beach Hotel & Resort where brunch will be served and where you will be planning your next event as vendors will display food and many more enjoyable goods. Living a Dream has reach a level never seen before taking their clients to a experience once of lifetime marked events in their life.

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  • Name: Noelia Roman
  • Business: License at Living a Dream Wedding & Event Planning
  • Cost: $163.00
  • Address: 17011 north bay road Sunny Isles Fl 33160
  • Phone: (305)988-3004
  • Email:
  • Wed:
  • tax Id: 123456


Invitations will be sent out to VIP guest and brochures make there way to local bridal shows and stores. Our press release will have information on the grand opening and will be inform be social media.


The Grand Opening will take place in Newport Beach Hotel & Resort with a admirable view of the beach. As guest are entering to the main room they will be guided by flowers showing them the way to a photo station where they will be photographed by Janeth Roman Photography.

If you need a Right to my event Uber and Lyft is able to provide you transportation.


Brunch will be served with a twist as we created an interesting menu for your special guest. The area will be dressed up with flowers, pompons, ribbon, live performance of a jazz singer and dancers setting the right tone. After the brunch, doors will be opening to the vendors area where guest will get to taste and see what they got to offer.


Catering will be provided by Kitchen 305 restaurant of the Newport Beach Hotel & Resort. As they represent their specialty crab cakes, cheese cakes, fruit salad with champagne and mimosas.


Before the we finish the grand opening DJmusicat will turn out the volume and play festival music as Brazilian dancers perform to engage our guest to a marvelous party.


As everything come to an end we will give a memorable gift bag with miniature champagne and sweet treats. Last but not least their entrance photo printed out onto a brochure for thanking our guest for coming.

Business License Acquisition Plan

Mission Statement

At Living A Dream Wedding & Event Planning by Noelia Roman, we endeavor to make every wedding or event as stress free as possible for our clients by taking care of all the details. By being aware of your vision and listening to your ideas, we will create a signature experience for you and your guests. Our attitude and actions remain professional at all times in our interactions with you and all involved vendors.

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Philanthropic Opportunities

As a pagan Noelia Roman is drawn to helping others. In order to achieve this you will often find her volunteering in the local joe DieMaggio Children Hospital help kids with needs. Noelia Roman will also make events and party for woman with Breast cancer.


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Noelia Roman


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