Come to the Southern section Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Gerogia

Reasons to come to the Southern section

Why Colonist should come to the Southern Section

You should definitely come to the Southern Section. If you live here you can be any religion you want. You don't have to be the same religion as your friends or family, you can be any religion. That is one reason why you should come to the Southern Section.

Geography is awesome!

The geography in the Southern section is really nice. The weather is mostly hot and humid. The farming is perfect for the weather. The southern Section has rich fertile soil but farming depends on the weather too. So you don't have to bundle up and freeze, you can relax and enjoy the warm weather!

Fertile Soil

Money, Money, Money!

Now lets talk about the economy. Farmers would get most money by growing tobacco, rice and indigo. they call them "cash crops" and the farmers get the money by working really hard on the cash crops. So you can get a good amount of money by doing work that is fair.

You want money, don't you?

The Political System rules!

Now, let me tell you about the political system. Each colony had a governor. Most of the time there would be an advisory counselor that would assisted the governor. There was also one rule that everyone liked, you could be any religion you want. No one can tell you that you cant be a religion which is a good thing.


Social and Gatherings is great!

lastly, lets talk about the social part and the gatherings of the Southern Section. People in the southern section are friends with the Indians and they would trade some of their stuff for deerskin. You should come to the Southern section because if you want a slave or want to free slaves then we got you! Our colonies have freed slaves and some have not. So if you don't want to do work, then you can have your slaves do it!

You'll love relaxing


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